Amp straight into the wall

I’ve seen more than a few members recomend going straight into the power oulet and not using power conditioners for power amps. I was hoping someone would explain the rationale behind me. I have been meaning to try that for awhile now, power conditioner is a Torus 15 , thx in advance for your input. 


+1 … well said.

For those units with high-end robust and beefy power supplies in their amp designs and builds, those OEMs recommend a direct wall outlet plugin. ( unless you are in bespoke dodgy power feed locales such as old apt buildings, or fringe service areas that experience an uneven or like daily power feed requiring a PC ) 

Regular power conditioners don’t allow for momentary spikes in current, so in dynamic moments you will find a lack of dynamics. Electrical noise from your house/neighborhood sources and noise generated from other audio devices can pollute the power going to your amplifiers..etc, so a quality power conditioner would be useful in providing clean power. If you want clean power and dynamics, then you must purchase very high cost conditioners/regenerators.

Shunyata claims that my conditioner can provide a momentary 30 amps into each of six channels and the conditioner combined with noise reduction power cables take care of line noise and the noise from audio components.

I can report that plugging my Coda #16 power amp into my PS Audio P15 will very noticeably restrict dynamics. Even thought about selling this wonderful amp until I decided to plug it directly into the wall. Then I went a step further and installed a  dedicated power line into my listening room. That with a Furutech outlet and good power cable has elevated this amplifier to an incredible level.

@vonhelmholtz Amongst the PC I tried were Shunyata, Audience and others that promised no reduction in dynamics, didn't prove to be true. And this allied to very high end power cables into dedicated circuit. Auditioned all this through Cable Company lending library, have most if not all the best conditioners, cables.



Big difference between CAN and WILL. It's not automatic. I have lived in my home 26+ years. I had a dedicated 20 amp to a 4 outlet box installed shortly after moving in. I have owned a bunch of PLCs and in each case the various amps sounded better direct to wall. My current (NPI) PLC is a Core Power 1800. When I first got it my amp was plugged direct to wall. One day I got a bug to try plugging it into the 1800, and much preferred it that way