Amp Stands for 501's

Anyone know of any smaller size amp stands for the 501 mono amp that don't cost a small fortune?
That's the Jeff Rowland 501 by the way.

Your Rowland 501's would look good with a pair of platform stands from Core Furniture. I have two pair for my McIntosh MC275. Check out the link below:

BTW...nice amps! What else is in your system?
Ultrasonic amp stands by Custom Isolation Products are great looking and great value. Tate will build you any size you desire.
sistrum products are great.
I also second the Sistrum 101 and have all my stuff stuffed on them!!Cheers Dennis
Thanks everyone for your input. This will give me something to think about. Lapierre - My system is pretty simple. I have the digital out of a Marantz 9600 universal player feeding a Benchmark DAC-1 Pre, and my speakers are the original Ultima Salons. I'm thinking my next step will be to replace the Benchmark with a Deqx preamp/processor, but that is a year or two away.