Amp stands- Do they work?

I recently purchased a Pass Aleph 3 and loved it so much that I "had to buy" a pair of the Aleph 2 monoblocks. I have been A/B-ing them at my home for the last 3 weeks for most of my free time. The 2s have a lot more presence, but lack the for lack of better words "musical reality" the 3 has. Forgive me for the term, but if you've heard the 3, then you probably understand. Anyway, I have asked most of the guys at Pass Labs and they essentially tell me I am hearing things- that the 2s "have all the sonic characteristics of the 3, just more of it" I have eliminated all other variables except that the 3 is on the bottom of my rack (Salamander Archetype), and the 2's are on the carpet in front of my system. I am interested in anyone's input as to the impact a reasonable stand might have on the sonics of my amps. I currently am acting on this hypothesis and have put the 3 on the floor next to the 2's. If it is of any help the components are in order- my source is a Muse Model 5 transport, Illuminati D-60 digital, EAD 7000 MkIII D/A, Kimber KCAG, Muse Model 3 preamp, WBT 5151 -great cable!!!!!, Pass Amps, Nordost Red Dawn speaker cable, B&W 804s. Counterpoint PAC-5 conditioner, API Power Wedge 4A conditioner. Marigo RMX ref power cables. Amps are using stock power cables- Nelson Pass's recommendation. Thanks for listening and I look forward to any input.
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Statistical significance is not determind if the person testing is able to tell the difference more than 50%. It has been a while since I took statistics but there are a number of variables involved including how many trials were involve. Sometimes it has to occur 90% or more of the time, depending upon the trials. I'm sure those that use statistical analysis can refresh our memory, or I could dust off my 20 year old stats book. Anyhow, I don't fully buy a/b or blind testing. What I do buy is my ear. I don't care what my neighbor hears. I don't have them eat a meal or taste a wine to validate or develop my opinion. I trust my senses. Therefore, If I hear a diffence, then there is a difference. Also, quick testing doesn't always reveil what is happening. That can take time. And, yes I know you can do statistical analysis over time. As to the advantages to a stand, or an isolation device, one item that has been over-looked is resonation. If the item you are using decreases the vibration of the product, both air born and direct, it can have an affect on the sound. Note, I said can. Ultimately, I believe each indivdual should make their own conclusion about the worth of any item. That being whether or not it makes a difference or if it is worth the difference. I use an amp stand. Does it make a difference? Some, but not as much as a change in componet, source, speaker or room treatment. By the way, I made my own for $12.00.