Amp stands- Do they work?

I recently purchased a Pass Aleph 3 and loved it so much that I "had to buy" a pair of the Aleph 2 monoblocks. I have been A/B-ing them at my home for the last 3 weeks for most of my free time. The 2s have a lot more presence, but lack the for lack of better words "musical reality" the 3 has. Forgive me for the term, but if you've heard the 3, then you probably understand. Anyway, I have asked most of the guys at Pass Labs and they essentially tell me I am hearing things- that the 2s "have all the sonic characteristics of the 3, just more of it" I have eliminated all other variables except that the 3 is on the bottom of my rack (Salamander Archetype), and the 2's are on the carpet in front of my system. I am interested in anyone's input as to the impact a reasonable stand might have on the sonics of my amps. I currently am acting on this hypothesis and have put the 3 on the floor next to the 2's. If it is of any help the components are in order- my source is a Muse Model 5 transport, Illuminati D-60 digital, EAD 7000 MkIII D/A, Kimber KCAG, Muse Model 3 preamp, WBT 5151 -great cable!!!!!, Pass Amps, Nordost Red Dawn speaker cable, B&W 804s. Counterpoint PAC-5 conditioner, API Power Wedge 4A conditioner. Marigo RMX ref power cables. Amps are using stock power cables- Nelson Pass's recommendation. Thanks for listening and I look forward to any input.
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I don't see a how the stand could make much of a difference except for digital gear. I had my classe amp on a cheap wood rack for awhile and it sounded great. When I bought my metal rack it didn't sound any better. I am glad I bought it though it really finishes off my whole system. And really the music is more involving because everything around where the soundstage is is more pleasing to the eye................................I sure hope your not running those amps through all that line conditioning either. They really restict an amps power flow and can really dull the sound. Especially with the higher watt aleph 2's. The 3 has such a low watt output that it is probably not effected as much. After a lot of experimenting I plug my amp straight into the wall and only use two MIT Z cord 2's for my front end. Thats it. I have a passive preamp so there can be no power corruption for that.