Amp Stands

I am looking for a pair of Amp stands.Any suggestions.The amp is 16" wide by 19" deep 50LBS.
Have Sound Anchors build you a pair of stands to your specifications. Sound Anchors may already have drawings on hand for your specific amp. They do for most of the popular ones. These stands sound incredible, and are very reasonably priced. If there is no dealer in your area Bob will direct you to someone.
Zoethecus or Rix Rax. check on website:
Polycrystal stand works great for me. i believe they are recommended by jonathon skull at stereophile. they are available from "the cable company". tim
I'll second Albert's suggestion with my own positive experience with Sound Anchor's amp stands. They have built two sets for me. It was easy all done by e-mail. The stands were perfect and completed on time. It think I found their e-mail adress on their ads. It was a 1st class customer expereince for me, highly recommended.
I have a two tier Sound Anchors stand for sale that can double as a rack for sale if interested.
tab110s, please e-mail me about your stands for sale at [email protected] a picture would be heplful. thanks.