Amp Stand Recommendations Please

My Tenors are sitting on the floor. Any recommendations for something I should put them on?

just by simply lifting you'll add more room to air this hottie. hockey or even double-hockey pucks for beginning will be great and probably great-enough.
I have the same amps. I used to have Zoethecus. They were good but I recently switched to Grandprixaudio amp stands. They are expensive but worth the $$. Good luck.
I own a pair of Tenor 75WIs and I had them sitting on a hearth without any additional stands. I recently purchased a pair of Zoethecus amp stands and not only do they look spectacular, I swear the Tenors sound better as well. My stands happen to be maple and while the 75WIs have cherry wood framing around them, the different woods complement each other. One note of caution, the Zoethecus stands are pretty large so make sure that you have plenty of room. You won't be disappointed!!
Take a look at the products at:
you will be surprised at the sound improvement. Last time I looked there was a 30 day trial period.
I second Lak. Call Robert. He be da man over there. Smart, audio savvy, honest and patient. He'll set you free. I have all my electronics seating, very happily, on Sistrum racks. Your Tenors will be, too. peace, warren
I agree with Lak, the component stands sound great under tenors, but so do grandprix racks.... so do zoethecus racks..... so do rixrax- I don't think you can go wrong with stands for those amps. Just do something! I am partial to the sistrum stands(audiopoints) because they allow the fans to function more effeciently on the bottom of the amp.
Take a look at the stands SILENT RUNNING is making. All custom and they have received rave reviews all over the place. Kevin is great, more then happy to talk about your system and what might work best for you. Check them out!
I have tried the Tenor 75wi sitting directly on the floor, I have tried the Zoethecus stands and I have tried and switched definitely to the Grandprixaudio amp stands, that made a great difference.
With them, the Tenors sound much better with a more defined bass, more detail and a deeper soundstage.
The improvement with the Monaco is significant.

IF you want to spend some money, then a bunch of people have given you recomendations! Some of the stands they have recommended are great looking. I've heard none of them so I cannot tell you how they sound.

My suggestion is much more modest than theirs & borne out of my experience except for Marakanetz, who seems to be on the same plane as me.

Go to H-D or Lowe's & buy 4 tiles of Granite & place them on the floor/carpet & place the amps on these tiles. 2 tiles under each amp. This should help a lot. Granite is very hard & is great at isolating the component from floor vibrations. I did this for my ss amps at 1st. I have now moved them up onto Target TTF-1 amp stands. There has been no sound improvement to my ears NEITHER has there been any sound degradation, which is why I have retained the amp stands! What this told me was that IF the amp is well designed, it should not respond too much to any further isolation i.e. all the necessary isolation should have been taken care of at the design & manuf. point. IMHO & YMMV.

Others here might disagree or seriously disagree w/ me. That's fine 'cuz I mean no offence to any other member's suggestion. Each of us has an opinion based on our own experiences.
I just bought some amp stands as well. They don't come with spikes, but have a hole pre dilled to put some in, and they cost about 5% of what my amps did.,472

I have Tenor 15wi mono's and use the Grand prix audio amp stands. These work and look great.
I second the Silent Running Audio. There great. Here's there site. Check out the reviews.

I also recommend the Symphosium Ultra amp stands. There great to.