amp stand on wheels

Can any one recomend an amp stand with wheels that I can use to at least move my MC2500 amp around when I need to.
Maybe a used Billy Bags.

Note that these are available with casters, making them easy to move around. I had a friend who had two of these holding Audio Research REF 600 MK 3's and the effect was absolutely beautiful.

They are expensive but I think a great match for your MC 2500 amps.
I believe that Sound Anchors offers casters as an option on their amp stands.
I have,and will NEVER move away from,the Sound Anchors stand,w/casters.What a pleasure to actually access an amp(rarely done,but when it is,you appreciate the moveability).I have a Rowland 8t with additional chassis/power supply.Before updating chassis #2 it weighed 165lbs.Having to wait for my son,to come home from college,to re-pack the amp for updating was no fun!Best of luck.I believe I paid 175 each,some yrs back.They are also variable,with a sliding bar to accomodate most amp sizes.Good luck!
billy bags has one with castors on their blow out page.

Looks like just what you need.
Thanks for the referals.The sound anchors look like what I am looking for and for about $360.00 each with heavy duty castors.Thank you all.