Amp Stand Cone Feet

Not sure if this question belongs in this category or forum, but here goes.  

I have two different Billy Bags amp stands  and the cone feet in each stand have screw threads of slightly different sizes.  

I just purchased two used and identical Billy Bags amp stands that fit my amp better but they came without the cone feet (I knew this when I purchased them).  I thought my feet from the other Billy Bigs stands would transfer to the newly purchased stands easily.  Oops was I wrong.  Only one set of four did and the others have screw threads on the cone feet that are slightly too large.

Anyone know where I would look to purchase Billy Bags aluminum cone feet for an amp stand?  I plan on measuring the thread size early next week to ensure if I find a replacement cone foot set, it will screw in the threads.  

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Google is your friend!  Try emailing B Bags or contacting an authorized dealer.

Thanks Tom,  I wish it was that easy.  Billy Bags has been out of business for over two years.  No authorized dealers.  I am sure they outsourced for their cone aluminum feet on their products, but I have no idea who they used.  

I've checked Amazon, Google, eBay and CableCo and Mapleshade.  Nothing looks like or has the size of the cone feet they used that I can find so far.
Suggest you speak with  at 210-530-8680 whether they can supply their "threaded stud glider" in the thread and length dimension suited to your application, This is usable on either bare floor or carpeted floor.
Very long-standing vendor who has helped many systems, minus original threaded spikes (even when the original manufacturer thought spikes essential).
Thanks a bunch. I will definitely do that tomorrow. I am looking for a aluminum satin silver finish cone that is around 1.5 inch diameter base with a 1.5 inch length with a threaded 1/4 -20 screw. I think that is the size that will fit my Billy Bags stand.

Thanks again for the lead on Herbies.

With a little work, your cones could be drilled out and resized to you're required dimensions.
A visit to an auto parts store requesting thread inserts or helicoils might solve you're problem.
Just a thought.
Good luck
I have Herbies titanium Giant Cone/Spike Decoupling Gliders installed under the TAD Evolution One's for 4 days now and VERY VERY happy with the results.   Whatever smearing are removed from floor resonance.   Steve is a good guy to deal with.
Amen with Herbies . If Steve says it I believe it ! 
And I can say that about VERY few in Audio or anyplace else for that matter.

What was your eventual solution, if any, to your search for proper 1/4-20 isolation cone feet for your Billy Bags racks?  I too have such a need, having somehow misplaced the envelope in which I put my own four feet "for safekeeping!!" during a recent home renovation.  Since Billy Bags is out of business I'm now desperate to find a suitable equivalent or replacement.

Did you eventually get your own need satisfied from some vendor?  Please share.

Well, after doing a bit of research myself, I ended up buying four "threaded stud gliders", 1/4"-20, 1.5" long, from  We'll see when they arrive if they do the trick.

Then, today, I got a phone call back from Pierre at Mapleshade, to whom I'd also sent an email inquiry about isolation feet.  He's a serious experienced perfectionist professional, and advised me that their brass "threaded heavyfeet" footers are what I want. He also said that the "gliders" from Herbie's are very inferior if vibration isolation is the objective, and that point shape is the far superior proper design.  He also said his brass feet are much superior to the original steel Billy Bags feet.

I ended up ordering four of the "threaded thick carpet heavyfoot" brass feet with 1/4"-20 stud (for the pre-threaded Billy Bags rack).  These are about 3x the price of the Herbie's gliders, but I suspect they are what I will be keeping and will be returning the Herbie's feet.

In any case, I think I've now solved my problem of the misplaced original Billy Bags feet (although I still am holding out hope that they may actually be in one of the cartons in my big pile where everything was supposed to be placed.

In the same envelope with the Billy Bags feet I also placed the six isolation pins for under my two floor-standing Thiel CS3.6 speakers.  So those, too, are currently misplaced and presumed lost.  But fortunately Thiel is still in business and I was able yesterday to order a complete replacement set of six Thiel pins, so that crisis is also now resolved.

Both cases closed.

Glad you got things solved.  I actually found some old Billy Bags feet at the gentleman's house I bought the stands from.  He unfortunately passed away and at his estate sale, I found them in a box in his attic.