amp/speaker question

I have B&W 805N, Velodyne sub, and Jolida 502B in my bedroom system. These speakers have always sounded too bright with SS. This is my first tube amp and I am amazed at how good they sound with tubes. The problem is the Jolida is just not up to the task of powering these speakers. My dilemma is whether to buy a more powerful tube amp or more efficient speakers. I do not want to spend a ton of dough on a bedroom system, even though I do use it quite a bit. I am pretty sure powerful tube amps are quite expensive, but so are good monitor speakers. If I could bump up the volume about 20 percent and keep the same sound I have now it would be perfect. I listen to a lot of acoustic music. I would like to keep the cost to around 1000.00 used. So, new speakers or amp? Thanks for your help.
The new version of the Silverline Prelude speakers should work well in your application. My hunch is that you'll like their sound/performance better than the N805's and you may not even need the Velodyne sub.
Jolida model 1000 integrated should be checked out. It has the power and can be had inexpensively. Uses 8 el34 tubes. I think those are fine speakers. moving up the Jolida line will get you the 20% increase in power and also the midrange resolution will improve for your acoustic listening. I could also recommend some easier to drive speakers but if I am assembling a system the speakers are the first thing to choose. Phil Brady.
Thanks Plato. There is a pair of Silverlines available within driving distance. Any other opinions?
Are there easy to drive speakers that sound better ( to most ears) than 805N? Not sound as good as, but actually sound better. I know how subjective this question is, but if there is a night and day difference it should come out in the opinions. Also, would an easy to drive speaker get me the 20 percent increase without changing amps? I don't want to buy speakers only to find that I made a lateral move with the sound and only a modest improvement in volume.
Baffled, the Silverline Preludes delve deeper into the bass than the 805N's and are at least 3dB more efficient, from the published specs. This means that your amplifier will use only half the power to drive the speakers to the same volume you get out of the 805's. If there's a pair near you, I'd definitely take advantage of any opportunity to audition them. If they were manufactured in November of 2006 or later, they should be the current version, which has smoother treble than the original model.
a mac mc275 will make the b&w's really sing. no brightness, just balance.
Oh yeah,I'm sure the mac would be awesome. Way more than the 1000 I would like to spend though. Jeez, even the Jolida 1000 is more than that.
Going to the Silverline Prelude is very tempting. I currently own 10 B&W speakers. It may be time for me to color outside the lines a bit.
Why not bi-amp? Use a beefy solid state for the bottom. Shouldn't be more than $400 or so.
Seditious.....thanks for the advice. I really need to increase overall volume......the bottom end is handled by the sub. When I had these speakers driven by a large Classe SS amp the bottom was not impressive. That is why I added a sub. I am thinking I will listen to the Silverline's if I can find a pair to demo. If I still like B&W best, I will look for a beefier tube amp. Jolida is right down the street from me. (Jessup, MD)I may haul my speakers over there and see how they sound with the Jolida 100 watt tube amp. Still searching for the answer.
Ok, I had to add a follow up to this thread because I don't want anyone thinking the Jolida 502 B does not deliver. It does! Until today, my only source for this system was digital music from a Comcast Motorola box. I added a Denon CDP and the volume went up a good 30 percent. Apparently a voltage mis match between Jolida and Comcast. Now the 60 watt Jolida drives the 805N speakers as loud as I would ever care to listen. Of course much better sound overall with the CDP anyway. I realize it was a big mistake not mentioning the source in the first place. ( a rookie error) Sorry 'bout that to all of those who responded.....and thanks again for your help.
Baffled, great to hear. I have the same problem with trying to listen to TV throught the Comcast box. If you know of a way to get the Comcast box to be louder I would love to know how. Phil Brady.