Amp speaker pairing recommendations

Hi all

Looking for advice on which amps I should use to drive my speakers.

Note that I am an audiofool and not an audiophile - so go easy on me.

I know I have a hodge podge of stuff that is very random and likely horribly matched in general - for example most of my speakers are not high end and probably outmatched by the amps - but it is what it is and I will look to correct that over time possibly. I also know that listening in multi channel, especially with so many different brands and quality points is a waste and not maximizing the potential of the components - again I am a novice and may correct some of this over time.

I have 11 speakers and 2 subwoofers that I have acquired over the years. 9 of the speakers and both woofers are currently being used - and being driven by 2 amps - an Emotiva XPA7 and a Bryston 4BSST2.

Virtually all my listening is just TV/blurays and spotify via DTS play and my Anthem processor - both in All channel mode.

I got the emotiva last year and it started shutting down at somewhat high volumes - this really pissed me off and so I decided to replace it with higher quality amps.

So I have acquired 5 amps - 4 are not hooked up and before I do that, wanted your advice on pairings. I did not really try to buy amps that would be a good match for my current speakers - I just got high quality amps that would stand the test of time and give me flexibility and options for the future should I decide to upgrade speakers or buy other high end components like preamps etc.

So here are the details of my current speakers and amps - looking for advice on pairing them up.

Processor: Anthem AVM 60

BP: Oppo BDP103D - my cable audio is routed through this

Speakers: B&W CM10 S2 x 2
B&W CMC2 center
ML ESL x 2
B&W 604S3 x 2
B&W 602S3 x 2
Cerwin Vega XLS 12 x 1

Mcintosh MC452 - 2 channel
Mark Levinson 533H - 3 channel
Bryston 4B3 - 2 channel
Bryston 4B SST2 x 2 - 4 channels

How should I pair my speakers to these amps in your opinion?


Stick to B&W and Bryston. Get rid of everything else.

Get a powered subwoofer. Since you have a nice processor, with built in room correction, I recommend a pair of Hsu subs.

Use the full range speakers for the L&R. I find that running them as "large" yields a fuller sound.