AMP/Speaker help please...

Looking for some advice please....
To start, I confess I am not a pro audiophile.
Hopefully someone will be kind enough to help me answer some questions.

I am in-process of upgrading from some Rotel gear to some higher end (used) audio equipment.
I have a BALANCED AUDIO TECHNOLOGY BAT VK-500 w/ Bat Pak (amplifier was recently purchased, dual mono block 250 WPC @ 8 Ohms) and I am considering using this amp to drive some Kappa 9's (that are in excellent shape).

1. I am using my Rotel RC-1070 solid state pre amp.
2. Will this BAT VK500 amp adequately drive the Kappas 9's as solo amp? Everything I read about the Kappas is their amp killing potential. Many Kappa 9 owners are also bi amping these speakers to get them the power they need to play well.
3. I have an additional Rotel 2 channel @ 200 WPC amplifier available at this time. Can I bi amp using my Bat vk500 amp on the low end and my Rotel 2 channel 200 WPC nfor the high end? OR must I stay with same manufactuer amp's to bi amp these speakers?

Any input greatly appreciated!
Forget bi-amping. Just hook up the BAT and enjoy. Quote from review, "The VK-500 has so much power and clean detail, it is difficult to know where to begin describing it."

Save your money for a BAT pre to go with it.
Don't overcomplicate things... Steuspeed got it right, just use the BAT VK500.

Bi-amping can yield good results, but unless do you it right (external crossover, potentially needing to eq the amps to achieve balance, etc.) many time it will only make it worse.

Invest in a great pre-amp and enjoy the music
Equal input sensitivity of the amps is the determining factor in regards to bi-amping without equalization. If it's close, use the more sensitive one for bottom end. Speaker manufacturers tend to embellish the true real world bottom end response anyway. It'll probably sound great. In any case, isn't it fun to experiment?
Agree with Steuspeed and Audiojan, bi-amping with different amps is not a good idea. Even if you try to overcome the complications, it rarely works well.