Amp/Speaker Combination

Most agree amp/speaker combination is the most important. What is your opinion of which amps best match which speakers? In my case, McIntosh best matches Genesis.
Good idea for a thread! Unfortunately, I don't have a concrete opinion on this topic, but I am on a related quest. Any thoughts on what is the best match amp-wise for Thiel speakers (specifically, CS3.6?)? Please note, I do have a related thread on this topic.

Thanks, Tom.
If you say McIntosh is the best amp for Genesis, I have to wonder why? While your idea of a best amp for a given speaker system would make things easy for all of us (we could compile a list)..don't you think the list would be full of conflicting opinions?

Tombowlus, I have no idea on Thiels because I have never tried them.

Sogood51, It was my opinion that McIntosh was the best match with Genesis based on my limite trials. I agree resposes may be conflicting, but I think they would be informative to other Agoners.

Odyssey Stratos Extreme with Magnepan 1.6QR's. This is my combo and they sound great together. The Maggies really "arrived" using the Stratos.