Amp / speaker cable for 10T

I just obtained the Aerial Acoustics 10T's and I am very happy with them overall. Using a Krell KSA 250 with single wire PAD Colossus Rev A speaker cable. Any amp / wire recommendations are appreciated. Is bi-wiring worth the expense?
Bi wiring is worth it.
MIT cables would be a great match.
The combo you are using now are a good match.
Collosus Rev A or B etc. has a very open, and wide soundstage with great depth. The highs are definately rolled off, but clean and clear. My personal experience with them is that they are highly colored, and although very pleasant to listen to, are not very real sounding. I much prefer Anti-Cables which do not get in the way of my listening.
I also strongly recommend bi-wiring your 10T's. I have heard them both ways and the difference is astonishing. My 10T's are now part of our home theater setup, but when I was using them in my 2-channel audio system, I ran them with Straight Wire Black Silk runs, which were recommended by the dealer when I purchased my 10T's in '98. Expensive, but it was well worth it for me. I am confident you will hear a substantial improvement with bi-wiring, but only you can decide if the difference is worth the added expense.
Cardas Golden Ref speaker cable (single wired) was great with my 10Ts. Cardas Cross was good but the bass was not nearly as well defined as the G.Ref.

For entry level, Audioquest cheap stuff is good (I used Indigo at first, I think--the dark blue jacketed one).
Amp was a first-generation Pass X350, a great match for the 10Ts, but it runs hot.
Buff, of course, is an MIT dealer and seems to have difficulty disclosing that when recommending products within his line.

Over and over btw.

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