Amp sound occasional momentary cut out

My Integrated Jolida Hybrid 1501RC occasionally has a momentary sound loss/cut out, no volume change just a pause on both channels.  How can I test, trouble shoot a problem like this?  I have tried different sources and inputs. 
bremner, assuming it occurs with all sources it would have to be a power cord or power supply issue as you are losing both channels. If all the lights go out it is the power cord or it's connections or a power fuse if the lights stay on it may be an internal fuse or a tube if it has a VT rectifier in it but tubes usually do not act this way it is acting more like an intermittent connection. Start wiggling! 

Sounds like an intermittent fault in the power stage causing a protection circuit to disconnect speakers or turn off the power transistors. There are relays on the board for the speaker outputs. With the cover off and music playing at low volume, try touching various connectors as Mike suggested and components to see if you can invoke the cut out. Over heating?
Thanks for the advice.  Lights stay on, so i'll check the connections.  I may also put back in some older tubes.  I put in new tubes a few months ago. I would guess if it was one tube it would be on one side only. 
Lights stay on so it is not the power cord or fuse. It would only be a power supply tube or tubes none of the others. I assume it does it with all your sources? Say turntable and CD player? A protection circuit could do that via a relay but you would probably hear a click when it happens. I have never seen a protection circuit in a tube unit. They are usually pretty hard to hurt. 
Thanks.  The amp is solid state, with two tubes in the pre circuit.  It may have a protection circuit.  I'll take a look for anything loose.  
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