Amp Size/Recommendation to Fill a Large Volume Room

HI All,

I have begun building my dream system and need some advice. My B&W 802D3's are powered by a Naim Uniti Star (for budget, this was the best component which gives me much capability in an all-in-one package.) I am searching for an upgrade of amplification (to start, I would use the Naim as a preamp.)

I have a very large volume room (14x18ft. with 16 ft ceiling - very open concept great room). Needless to say, my current Naim is not filling this space. What size amp (wattage or high current delivery) should I be considering. As an aside, I like a warm presentation and nice bass. Also, my ears tend to gravitate towards class A amplification. More recently, I was able to compare the Luxman integrateds (not in my home) and loved the class A presentation.

I have been researching like crazy (Pass, Luxman, Mcintosh, etc..) but still confused as to what direction. I am intrigued by the Pass XA 160.8, but wonder if it has enough juice? Would the X260.8 be a better fit? Also, I found the Luxman integrated to sound nice. Never heard the M900u though. I do not listen to music all that loud, thus, I do not require rock concert levels of volume. Am I on the right track with with the aforementioned brands/models??

Please help!!

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Jc1’s would get it done. The JC5 is another good 1 box option. The Pass Labs you mention would an excellent choice too. The realm you are asking about all are excellent choices. Really depends on budget, room setup etc. not sure you can “go wrong” with any of the above. Time for some auditions if you can!
If you want to fill the room with an amp, then I suggest a really big one. Either that or a lot of them. Try tri-amplification. Six big mono blocks, by the time you add platforms, cables and crossovers, pretty close to full I would think.

Then on the other hand maybe its speakers that fill a room with sound? Just a thought.
B&W 802 D3. 90dB. Do I really have to say it? It's not the amp. It's the speakers. There. I said it. 

What you are stating is that an 802d3 can not fill a room with sound?? Probably one of the more successful speaker designs in audio history. I'm definitely missing the point here! 
Also forgot to mention....when I took the speakers out of the box and positioned them, I did not hear anything??? I then hooked up that thingy called an amplifier and to my astonishment I heard the room kind of fill up with sound!!! ;-)
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