Amp shuts down with a signal.........

I had a problem with my main amplifiers Thursday night, and when I replaced them with a single 5 channel amp (a temporary move) I had something strange take place.

When I turn the amp on with NOTHING connected, it will stay on with no problems. When I connect a pair of speakers, run the volume at a very low level, it takes about 1 minute, 42 seconds and it will shut itself off. When I play the music at a more normal level, (after I have turned it back on) it will shut down within seconds.

Does anyone have ANY idea what I should look for?

Unfortunately, this is one of my favorite amp/preamp combo, the Golden Theater GTA-1 (matched pre is the GTX-1) that are absolutely wonderful, especially the processor in 2 channel! Heck, the amp is pretty hefty (provided it works) at 200 x 5 @ 8 and doubles to 400 x 5 into 4!

Yeah, the one problem with Golden Theater, they are OOB.

So, if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. I took the cover off, and I see wires, metal, more wires, plugs, capacitors, this, and thats'.

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Sounds like a short somewhere in the speaker cables, binding posts, or speaker(s) themselves. Check the binding posts. Sometimes if you over-torque them with spades, they can break or turn enough to have the wire inside your speaker touch a metal part (or other wire) causing a short. Just a hunch. Also inspect speaker cable terminations and connection points for broken solder joints, etc…

If the amp stays on without a speaker load, it probably is not the culprit (no need to take the cover off). If you have another set of speakers, hook them up with existing cable. If it shuts down, the problem is in the cable. If you have another set of speaker cables, hook them up to existing speakers. If the amp shuts down, the problem is probably the speaker’s internal wiring, or binding posts.

Good luck.
Binaural, thanks.

I placed this GTA-1 on top of the other amp I am using, which has not problems. Same ICs and same speaker cables.
I keep switching back and forth, and only the GTA-1 has a problem, and only with a load. Odd?

Hmmm. If the amp runs fine with no load, then maybe you can at least isolate if the problem is on the line-level input side, or the speaker-level output side. Have you tried connecting/loading with the ICs only? Since this amp is solid state, you can safely turn it on with no speaker load. If it shuts off, then try it the other way, with just the speakers and no ICs or front end unit. At least this may help narrow down the problem so someone with more expertise can diagnose and help fix the patient… er… I mean amp. Post if you find anything out.
Binaural -

Well, I gave is a speaker ONLY load and it shut down. Therefor, next I swapped out the speaker cables and it worked for about 10 minutes. I disconnected it and reconnected my other amp for comparison listening. After another 10 minutes, I reconnected the GTA-1 and it shut down.

I will try the ICs only this time. I might be sticking with the Jeff Rowland Model 7's, I have no issues (now) with them!