Amp shut down and protection circuit

Hi all. maybe you can help.

I plugged my amp -- a Sherwood AM-7040 -- in through a power strip that I would have thought would provide surge protection. The wiring here (38 year old apt., new to me) is manifestly poor. If I flip any switches anywhere near the electronics, they pop or fritz. Wall outlets are not making good contact with plugs as well. Anyway, the amp was up and running fine for a day or so (I leave it powered up) but then I noticed it had shut off. I turned it on again, and the protect light come on for maybe one second, and then complete shut down. I tested it in several outlets, with the same result. The fuses look ok to me, but I'm not sure I would know a blown fuse if I saw one.

Any ideas? Worst case scenario? Best?

Have you checked the speaker wire connections at the speakers and the amp? Shorted wires could be doing that.
It does it when not connected to anything at all. Plug in, turn on, protect light flicker, and no power up.
Seems like you need service. Also, see if you can get the wall outlets replaced. How many circuits do you have in the apartment ? Apartments in older buildings are notorious for having only one or two branch circuits for the whole place. If you system is on the same circuit with lights and appliances. that would explain why you are getting pops each time a switch is thrown. A line conditioner may help.