Amp Shoot Out

What do you think? I'm considering amps in slightly different price ranges. I would like to buy used. Here are the nominees: Aragon 8008BB, Bryston 4BST, Levinson 332, Levinson 334, and Pass X150. Your opinions would be welcomed!
I was considering the Aragon, but I decided to try the Odyssey Stratos instead. This amp has gotten rave reviews and difinitly lives up to the hype. For the money it is a well designed and great sounding product. They have an in home, money back, demo. Personally, I could not justify the higher priced amps, I was looking for a used proceed or Aragon, but I am glad I tried this one.
Dollar for dollar the 4B-ST is a hard act to follow based on build quality, bass slam and the best transferable warranty in the biz. At around $1500 used its a buy! The other amps are wonderful products that bring various assests to the table but they will ding your wallet accordingly... There is no mention of your other gear and that will play a large part in your determination of the best choice for you...
depending on the power needed the plinius is 1 of the best and used becomes very inexpensive. they also stand behind their products 100%. give a listen u'l be amazed.
Not knowing what power you need, I would suggest considering a mid-power tube unit, like the BAT VK-60 which can be purchased for $2300-2500 used.
ears is selling an electrocompaniet aw100dmb for $1100 (he wants a pair of the aw180 mono-blocs). what are ya waitin' for??? ;~) not bloomy like toobs, but definitely *not* solid-state-like.