Amp s to drive JM Lab Diva Utopia Be

Hi Folks:
I'm enjoying a newly acquired pair of Diva Utopia Be speakers. I'm wondering what are some good amp choices for these speakers? I'm currently using a pair of KR tube amps that provide about 28wpc. I like the sound a lot but am wondering if I need to take the plunge and get some serious solid state power, or whether I have what it takes with my KR amps. Contenders I've considered include YBA 1 (or maybe YBA 2?), Pass Labs 350.5 or Parasound JC1 monos, Bryston 4bsst, or stick with tubes but get some more serious push-pull power from Canary Audio, BAT, Cary or some other..

Anyway, I'd welcome advice. I'm used a few other speakers but main set of speakers I've used for the last few years were AP Virgo II. I found the upgrade from the Virgo to the Diva to be surprisingly small, but I do hear it. The Divas certainly have more bottem-end extension, a wider sweet-spot, and overall have more weight and presence, but the Virgos did have pinpoint imaging that really did make them disappear - I sort of miss that strange effect.

Thanks in advance or amp recommendations.
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I thought the Pathos TT had good synergy with the Divas. If you want more power, consider the Inpol 2.
If you want some serious dynamics, super bass control and articulation, clarity, and musicality, the new NuForce Reference 9SE's are going to be seriously difficult to match, let alone beat. Given the high quality of your front end and speakers, you owe it to yourself to give them a try.

I'm using mine with a set of VMPS RM30 speakers and I am truly amazed at how lifelike the NuForce amps make the music sound.

Whatever you decide, I wish you the best. That's a very nice system you've put together.
I 2nd heartily the Nuforce recommendation - they are wonderful amps that will make your speakers sing!
I personally wouldn't choose NuForce amps for Divas because the Divas will expose their weaknesses. The European press disliked the NuForces very much saying they weren't very smooth and the Divas won't like that at all.

I would use a Unison Research SE, Pathos would be good too, McIntosh works great, YBA for sure, Plinius would be a good match, etc. There are many excellent choices.
Aball, the 9SE's are quite smooth and they were just released so there is no press or reviews available on that model as yet. But thanks for your opinion and concern.

The 9SEs, so far, have no weaknesses that I can detect. They are quite a bit better, than any other amps I have ever had in my system. Perhaps, over time, I might be able to spot some extremely minor weakness, but for now I hear only the great strengths of these incredible amplifiers. If they have any weaknesses they must be extremely difficult to detect, because I sure don't hear any -- and the VMPS RM30 speakers I use are quite revealing, as well. No other amplifiers have allowed them to sound nearly this excellent.
Guys, thanks for the input so far. I have heard of those Nuforce amps, and they do seem intriguing. The price seems quite affordable too. I may look into them.
I use a Bryston 4b-ST to power my 927Be's. It is a very good match IMO. The 4b-SST should be even better. I have also heard BAT gear on JM Labs speakers. I was on the floor with that combo.
Plato - HiFi+ magazine, issue 42, Reference 9 monoblocks. But maybe the 9SEs are completely different.
I have the JM Labs Ato Be.I drive them with Chapter Audio gear and also a Hegel 300 watter.And I have heard them with solid state amps and tube pre.Now that was also glorious.
Just to update, I ended up trying a pair of the Nuforce Ref 9.02 amps. They were fun to try, but ultimately my Kr Audio 6000 monoblocks proved the more compelling set of amps, in my system, to my ear. Hence, I sold the Nuforce.

I found the Nuforce quite authoratative, which I found was of most benefit with some techno/danse music. I also found the bass deeper. However, in that area, while there was more bass, I found the addition unwelcome and less natural than what my KR amps provided. In the end the real clincher for me was when I did an a/b comparison of a really touching piece of vinyl by Jacintha. The song sounded great on the Nuforce, but the KRs literally provided me that ellusive shiver down my spine. Overall, the KRs presented a more subtle, refined, delicate experience which was more palatable - again - in my system, and to my ear.

Hence, I think I'll be holding onto my KRs and my amp-changing whims are in the past, for now anyway. Next week is another matter ;-)