amp repair in san francisco bay area ML 335

I am looking for a good amp repair shop in the San Francisco Bay Area that can repair a Mark Levinson 335 amp. I have already replaced the capacitors and surge resistors, but the amp is still not working. I know there are 2 official ML repair centers (Texas and East Coast).
Thanks for recommendations.
Chris Barnett,San Rafael, Ca
terrific work!!
TruSound..Nick Gowan
I second Nick Gowan at True sound in Campbell...408-370-7578.
He repaired my BAT VK-200 and even called and spoke to Victor at BAT to make sure all was as it should be.Nick is a true gentleman!
The Mark Levinson web site lists these ML repair centers. See link below:

One of center is located in Los Angeles. SEE:
George Meyer A/V
12418 Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 820-1113

Based on others posts on Audiogon, I would be afraid to take my ML unit to a non authorized store.

On the other hand, Nick Gowan at True sound in Campbell is excellent. You might call him and ask for his opinion.

Please let us know what you decide and how it works.
Thanks for everyone's feedback. I'll start with Trusound and let you know.
I have received additional recommendation:
Does anyone have experience with them?
In regards to Mark Levinson centers: I would prefer an authorized center, but have heard mixed feedback. And when considering shipping + extremely high repair quotes it becomes an uninteresting option.
Spoke with Nick at TrueSound - he recommended against a repair other than an authorized center. ".. too many custom parts in the Levinson ..."
I'll keep you updated
Hi, so what did you end up doing in getting the No.335 repaired? Hope you didn't take it to that place in Redwood City. I was there a few years ago to have my No.23.5 diagnosed. The owner was an a##, ended up not looking at it all but still charged me the $100. Since then I only deal with Chris at P-A. I built a crate to make sure it didn't get damaged when the shipping company drops it.
Hi Fromunda. Curious about Chris Barnett who you mentioned above. He's in San Rafael which is near me. Does he work for a shop in San Rafael or work independently out of his home? Know what type of gear he works on? Thanks!
Be prepared to pay through the nose! Being there.
I can vouch for L&M Electronics in Daly City. They repaired a Scott 299A integrated tube amp and a McIntoxh MX-100 tube preamp that I took to them. They are not the warmest people you will encounter, but their work is excellent and warrantied. Both of my units are working perfectly.
Sorry for the late response.

First I spoke with Nick at TrueSound - he recommended to take it to an authorized ML repair center.

I then sent it to:
George Meyer A/V in Los Angeles
12418 Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 820-1113
Good experience with relative low risk
- $60 to determine cost of repair, If they repair this will be credited towards the cost. If not you pay $60 + shipping.

Turn around time including shipping was 3-4 weeks.
Overall repair was expensive, but less so than going via a local dealer. I received the repaired ML back in April and it works beautifully since then. Only regret - I should have send it in earlier