Amp recommendations to drive Martin Logan Prodigy?

I need some input here please. I want to upgrade my Bel Canto 200.2 Evo amps. They are great amps but with the system I have right now: Audiomeca Mephisto II cdp, Wytech tube pre-amp and the ML Prodigy, they seem to have become the weak link.
I am a fan of Atmasphere amps, but since my speakers are low impedance 4 Ohm, this is not the amp to go for. (If I had the funds I would upgrade to the top Soundlab electrostats, which are 8 Ohm. They would be a perfect match for the Atmasphere amps. Well, maybe one day)
But back to my original question: I would love some monoblocks with my power hungry ML Prodigy, so one amp I looked at is the Electrocompaniet Nemo. The Mark Levinson 33 is a nice amps also, but above my budget.
Any other amp ideas to get the most out of my speakers?
Try a BAT VK-500, though not a monoblock per se but a dual mono-meaning one chassis with two seperate everythings inside(including power cords). I have a friend who has ML with a VK-200 and swears by it, he uses the moniker Pcc here and will most likely share his expierences with you.
Krell is a perfect match for Martin Logans. I've tried many and cannot find one that will outdo the Krell/Martin Logan setup.
I recently heard the MLs with a McIntosh MC 602. The system used several different CD players (BAT, Mark L separates, and Meridian) both thru a BAT 50SE and straight in. It was one of the most musical demos I had heard at this dealers. The amp trounced the Mark Lev and a Spectral that was there. We were also supposed to listen to the 2102 but some fool who had borrowed it spilled a beverage on it an lunced give these latest generation McIntosh amps a listen.
tekunda you have one hell of a speaker so you need one hell of an amp. KRELL is ok for power but nothing special i have heard good things about bat the 2 you mentioned are above $10000 new so thats out of the question. you can look at my post martin logan cls11z + which amp in speaker forum there GASMAN has recommended a line called INNERSOUND if you go to the web page kilowattmono's $7000 1000!! watts into 8 and 2000!!!!watts into 4 or their $3000!! monoblock 800 into 8 1200 into 4 and their amp 300 watts into 8 600 into 4 $3000. this may be a good match for the bat's (lower price) one other line NOBODY talks about, PATHOS from an engineer in italy. i am awaiting their new CLASSIC ONE to be released next month (more power than previous) ($2000 hybred) as well they have a BEAUTIFUL (if they sound half as good as they look a winner) MONO TT $5000 AND $5500 as well they are to come out with a another TT that one can use for rock music thats how delicate their line is these units wattage is pure solid power. my dream setup is ELECTROSTATE SPEAKER (MARTIN LOGAN OR INNERSOUND OR SOUND LABS + PATHOS MONO BLOCK OR HYBRED TT + GRANITE 657 tube CDP goodluck and let me know what you choose.
if i had ml prodigys i would more than likely run the cj premier 12s or 8s. maybe the bat monoblocks. without question the tube research would be the bar none best, but they are hard to aquire and expensive. if it is raw power you want i have a crown macro reference with 760 watts per channel i would sell inexpensively. it just left the auction block not meeting reserve. the prodigys are good speakers, have fun with your quest.
I owned the Prodigy's and used a McIntosh MC2000 & Hovland HP100 combo. The Prodigys took a long time to break-in, but when everything came together, the combo was magical. All quality electrostats will reveal your weakest equipment link. I used Classe electronics with the Prodigy's and my Quad ESL63's. After switching to tube amplification, I could never go back to solid state gear. The Prodigy's sang!
I've been through many amps, the BAT VK500 drives my ML Quest Z's very easily. Terrific amp that can be had used for ~$3000.
I envy your dilemma. The nominal impedance is probably not an issue for most "big tubes", it's the drop to 1 ohm at the high frequencies which potentially causes problems. I greatly enjoyed the Innersound - very, very fast "clean-sounding" power - with the smaller (and less sensitive but higher min. impedance) SL3s but went with "big tubes" - if min. impedance had been a problem, I would have gone with the Innersound. Better, I think a pair of used Innersound ESL stereo amps bi-amping the Prodigies would sound wonderful and be competitive on price. Perhaps other 'goners could answer this question: Would tubes work if used with an active crossover up to a certain point (say 10kHz) and separately-powered ribbon tweeters taking over the high frequency load above that?
I'm with Kirk930. The Tube Research would be your best bet, however, the GT100 Mono-blocks start at $19K. I have a friend that has CLS with GT100's, and it works well.

Soundlab has electrostats that start at around $4K, which is less than the valhalla cable that you've been messing around with. Maybe the entry level Soundlab would more suit your needs and offer more of a choice in amplification. Maybe the Atmasphere amp/inexpensive Soundlab is the way to go? Help anyone?

Good luck in your quest, however, remember that should you make these changes you'll most likely change your opinion of the ultimate cabling, (as cables are system dependant).
We have achieved the best results using Spectral amplifiers. They have the fastest response of any amp and the fastest settling time. The result is a larger sound stage and far greater clarity than conventional solid state amps. Krells, Mac's etc. are powerful but to slow for this speaker. The Levinson amp is a good one but on the dark side for this speaker. The M-L team heard our set up and said it was the best they had ever heard. Of course to achieve the best results the entire system must be examined. The larger Classe Audio amps have also given very good results. We would suggest that you stay away from tubes in this case. Hope this helps.
why stay away from tubes i ask? do you sell any tubes? if so do you really think that the spectral sounds more like you are their than tubes?
I just picked up the Prodigy's (1-8-02) they are still breakin' in.... The amp I'm using is Pass Labs X350.

My dealer was demo'ing the Prodigy's with the smaller Pass Labs X150.....and this system sound devine: detailed, dynamic and a soundstage that extended well beyond the walls of the listening room.

ML states that the Prodigy's do indeed take some time (100hrs) to reach optimal sound quality......can't wait to get there... :)

Here's some pics of My System
I also use a Pass X350 with my Prodigies and it is a match made in heaven- could not be happier.
A friend of mine runs VTL 750s into his Prodigy's to good effect, although a bad tube has taken them out of commission for the time being before he could give me a final verdict on the combination (they worked very well with his Monolith 3's prior to that). I would also consider the Innersound amp for audition with these or any stats. You might also, if you really like the Atmaspheres, consider trying them with this speaker using the Zero impedance matching transformer--contact vtvu of this forum, he knows quite a bit about this product and I have heard it work quite well with other types of lowish impedance speakers and the Trancendent OTL.

Congratulations to your new purchase. You have a very nice system. From the picture, your Prodigy seems to be quite close to the front wall. Prodigy likes to have a lot of room behind. Have you tried to move them out a few feet.
kirk930 refer to my post cls11z + which amp. no one recommended tubes. is this because of demand load, and thus detremential to the delicate tubes as well you get alittle more slam and reserve power in ss like in monarchy or innersound? i don't know? and they are cheaper than tubes. and tubes may make the already liquid sounding pannels seem to have the "runs" like i recommended to Tekunda go with the little known pathos monos ($5500)the best bargain in town and the best of both worlds tube + ss hybred. a unique speaker deserves a unique power supply
Sidssp:, I havent yet pulled the Prodigy's out further into the room, yet.

It's kind of hard to tell from the pic....but the back of the woofer module is about 2 ft from the back wall....and the stat panel is about 4 ft from the back wall.

The Prodigy's are fairly deep due to the 'funky' woofer module.....they replaced Quest z's , which were much thinner in profile....

I haven't yet installed the 'spike' feet also.....waiting for the speakers to reach full bloom b4 I install them.

I will experiment with pulling them out another foot or so.


Martin Logans are very sensitive to placements. Sometimes, a quarter of an inch can make day and night differences. This is especially true with the Prodigy because it manipulates the phase difference between the front and the real woofers to smooth out and extend the bass response. If the distance behind the speaker is incorrect, bass can be lumpy, thick, weak, or lost its dynamic. I encourage you try the Cardas placement method. It seems to work well in most situations.
That looks like one heck of a system.
Certain tube amps deliver much more dynamics, or "slam" and "reserve power" as you call it, than the amplifiers you mention. Kirk930 mentioned one brand, Tube Research. They cost WAY more than the pathos that you mention, but I will suggest an audition, should your budget allow.

You also mention a "unique" power supply. How does twenty some tubes of tube regulation, per channel, in it's own/separate 210 pound chassis sound? Unique?
I used two Classe 201 in a bi amp mode on the Prodigies with satisfactory result.
Spectral 360 monoblocks hands down. I have tried many others and just keep coming back.
Have a look at Audio research VT200($9,000) or VT-100mkIII($6,000) along with an audio research preamp (maybe LS-25 or LS-16). This would be a excellent upgrade from what you have... I auditionned this setup (with VT200) and I was stunned...

Good Luck...
The new eVo2 uses the transformer from Bel Canto's 4 and 6 channel amps (1500VA)and it also has double the capacitance... From what I've heard, the bass is rock solid. As mono blocks they would do 700 watts RMS into 4 ohms.
the reason nobody chose tubes on martin logans is probaly because they have never heard them with tubes. tube amps deliver much more current than ss. if you are not useing tubes on any speaker you are missing alot of information. eloctrostats more than any other speaker need tubes. also if you use a ss amp make sure it is transformer coupled like a mcintosh. if you like to blast your system DO NOT BUY STATS ANYWAY. i have 3 systems running now, the best system has tube research in it. i would love to compare my amps to anyones ss. i have a krell 200s in my home theater so i have good ss. it is used on the sub only. a 55 watt tube amp runs the top.
I'll second the Tube Research Labs. Aren't you driving Sound Labs with your Tube Research, Kirk? Aren't they a tougher load than the Prodigy?
i still have the jm lab utopias right now brian. i have used tube research on a3s and u1s though. they were easy to drive with tube research. i even had the smaller 300s on them. ss still keeps cars from rolling down the hill. i will keep the tubes.