Amp recommendations sought

I just installed a Marantz SR6006 which is the first receiver I've owned that has pre-outs for separate amplification.

I'd like to hear what better informed folks than me would recommend I consider for amplification of my front 2 channels (those happen to be the only two channels in use right now). The application I'm most concerned with is music quality, I don't really much care about sound quality of movies/tv, it's good enough as-is.

My transport is the Logitech Transporter, DAC will either be my old Audio Note DAC 1.1, or possibly a Burson DA-160 I currently have on order, if I like it better. At least for the moment.

Speakers are Amphion Argon monitors.

Budget is approx $1-2k, used.
If these do not do the trick for you, resell them for what you paid or maybe a little more. They usually sell very fast when priced right.

I have owned several of these MA-700's and even a couple of MA-500's and really do think they have plenty of ooomph and are very musical. I ran them with a Luxman R-115 and a Marantz 2252B as preamps with very good results.

Here is another fantastic budget amp that performs like it cost much more.

Another choice would be a nice integrated. Utilize the NAD's main inputs and let it act as an amp only when movie watching and as an integrated when called on for quality 2-channel listening.

I am looking for the same, i.e., an amp to connect to my receiver pre-outs. Interested to see some more recommendations!
Even though I hate this overused phrase, the Marantz MA-700 monoblocks are "giant killers".

B&K monoblocks, though hard to find on the used market, are a steal when they come up for sale. Look for the B&K Reference 200.1, EX4420M, Reference 4420M, or the Reference 220M. These babies will drive just about any speaker you throw at them.

If you don't mind tubes you should definitely consider a JWN cutom built amp. The only downside is the 2-3 month wait

Do you plan to use the multi-channel HT capabilities of the receiver in the future? Just curious why you bought a mass-market HT receiver when it appears that your primary concern is 2-channel audio sound quality (based on you DACs and speakers).

If you intend to stick with 2-channel for music and video, you might want to consider a high quality integrated amp instead of using the HT receiver. It would greatly simplify your rig and it would probably sound better than the HT receiver with external power amp. You could also use it in the future to drive the L&R front speakers in a combination HT setup using the receiver as the HT processor and power for the center and rears speakers.

Just my $.02 worth, but I wouldn't use a mass-market HT receiver as my pre-amp if I were just going to buy an external power amp anyway.

Good Luck in your quest....

Mostly for the convenience of hdmi switching for multiple devices -- ps3, apple tv, Xbox. I couldn't figure out a way to pump sound from all those plus the transporter into an integrated. Maybe I just missed something in thinking about it though. I'd consider a good 2 channel integrated, since it'll be a while before I can get surround set up due to living room config.