amp recommendations for studio 60 v.2

i am looking for amp suggestions to run my paradigm studio 60 v.2. i currently have the speaks in a ht setup powered by denon 3802. i want to get a seperate amp for 2ch listening or possible a 3ch amp to use later in another ht setup. i am considering rotel, b&k, and anthem.

if i choose 2ch, the my choices are rotel rb-1070 (130*2ch), rotel rb-981 (130*2ch), or b&k st2140 (140*2ch).

if i go multich, then rotel rb-993 (200*3ch), rotel rmb-1075 (120*5ch), anthem mc3 (165*3ch), or b&k st3140 (140*3ch).

this amp will eventually drive paradigm studio 40 v.3 and possibly studio cc470. i enjoy bluesy rock and acoustic music 60% and movies 40% of the time. my room is approx. 26'x16'x9'. anyone know the differences in the rotel rb-1070 and rb-981? any help would be greatly appreciated.
I have an Anthem MCA 20 (225W) powering my Studio 100v2's and its pretty good for the buck. Would I like a better amp? You bet but I don't have three times the money that the Anthem cost me. Someday. The above set up is excellent with acoustic guitar. A good preamp will make a big difference as well.

I haven't heard the Rotels but there have been a few reviews done on them. If you are looking at Rotel you should consider the RB 1080 over the RB 1070 as the Paradigm speakers like lots of watts and current.

I would consider one amp for the front left/ right pair and a seperate one for the center/ surround. I am still running my center and surround from my Reciever and it's ok unless you like your movies really loud.

Remember, more power especially because of the big room.

Good luck.
hello, take a look at the denon pma 2000iv4 integrated amp. don't let the 80 watts fool you. this amp has lots of current and drive my studio 60's to ear splitting levels of crystal clear sound.
I have the Studio 60's, Studio 20's and Studio center channel and currently use a Rotel 985 5-channel amp (100 Watts/Channel). It has plenty of power, and much cleaner than when I was using the amp in my Yamaha reciever. I would suggest going with the RMB-1075 since it's the newer version and has slightly more power. My room dimensions are similar to yours as well.

It is also possible to bi-amp the 5-channel amp to drive your 2 front speakers, use the other channel to drive your center channel, and use your Denon to drive the rear speakers. This worked fairly well in my set-up before getting rid of the Yamaha and upgrading to a B&K ref 30. I still really like the Rotel and have no plans to upgrade the amp.
B&K EX 4420 or any of the predecessor models can be had at audiogon for $600 or else. I am happy with mine.