Amp recommendations for stacked Quad ESL 57's

I would like to know what other owners of stacked Quad ESL-57's are using for power amplification.
A friend uses (2) Berning EA-230. Excellent sound and plenty loud.
try the david berning hz270, fantastic!!
When I had stacked Quads 57's, I used VTL TT-25.
Transcendent Sound T-8 monos ( OTL) have the "magic"; but now with CROFT 7R ( stereo - 55watt/channel), no "magic" but finally the bass panels are really "singing" ...
When you stack the quads, how do you wire them?

The reason I ask is I have heard a setup with three '57's per side all wired in series work amazingly well with a ~12W amp. It wasn't one specific 12W amp either, I have herd the Radio Crafstsman C-500, a Beam Echo, a Leak and a PP300B.

Of course all the amps were push pull but the Leak and the Beam Echo were pentodes. When wired as pentodes they didn't cut it however cutting the power in half by triode wiring them brought them into the same power range and sonic signature of the other two triode amps. Reducing the feedback made it a horse race.

The interesting thing is for a single panel per side the "12W PP triode amp" didn't have a shot and the 30W of pentode power was required and ultimately the dynamics never showed up.

What do you think Lynn Olson Amity? Around 16W with 300B triode.

Also, 3 x ESL 57 in series, the impedance is around 30 ohm range, sounds like not much power really needs for such a high load impedance......What about 4 x ESL 57 in series, Maybe a pair of Amity with 2A3 might capable to that :-)