Amp Recommendations for Ohm Walsh 2000 Speakers

Hi - I have (and love) my Ohm Walsh 2000 speakers but there is very little out there (even from the company) on matching with a good amp to really make them sing. I think at the NY audio show, they use a Peachtree amp and I was thinking maybe the Peachtree 300 (300 watts/ch) may be good. Or I could even go with a used McIntosh tube integrated amp. My budget is around $2500 to $3,000 for the amp. I do like to listen loud (rock, jazz). I'm currently using an old Hafler P500 (250 watts) but I'd like to upgrade and improve my amp. I have a Vincent hybrid tube preamp. So I could either keep the Vincent and go with dedicated amp, or do an integrated amp. 

So any experience with either tube, hybrid or solid state amps or integrated amps would be appreciated to make these Ohm Walsh 2000s really shine!  Thank you! 
There is a thread under speakers  you might try if you haven't ,  "Ownership and Review of a pair of Ohm Super Sound Cylinder" . 
I have a pair of Ohm Sound Cylinders. Presently in use with a Carver TFM-15cb. Excellent SQ! No urge to change! Maybe you just have that old "itch" to try something different! Which can be a waste of money! That Hafler 500 is an excellent amp - don't be in such a hurry to scrap it!
I use a McIntosh MA 252 with the Ohm 2000. It has no problem driving them to levels I like around 65db to 70 db at my listening position and the amp is not being pushed. Depends on the sound you’re looking for very nuetral or a bit of tube warmth.