Amp recommendations for B W N803

I have the N803s and a CJ pre amp and was wondering power amps other people have used with great success. Thanks.

There is a fairly comprehensive posting on this. The N803s are excellent speakers, and you will ENJOY them: currently, I have the N802s all around: the only difference is the N802s provide more bass: you subwoofer, if you have one, will augment the 803s in a substantive way (I have the ASW 4000, and it seamlessly melds with the Nautilus line).

My amps are B&K 4420M monoblocks: 250wpc, and they are plenty for the 802s. My recommendation is to stay in the 200-250wpc range, and ensure that you have at least a mid-fi manufacturer: B&K, Bryston, Aragon: to name only a few.
The Nautilus line is unforgiving on Source electronics: CD & DVD Players, primarily, and will benefit from assured power: but there is no need to go overboard.

If I can help in any way, post back.

Blackie: I agree with the guy above me with not having to go overboard. I also agree with the B&K amp. Also an awesome amp is the Sherbourn 5/1500 amp, it's 5 mono amps in 1 chasis. Before I bought my S.5/1500 it was down to these two brands. You can't go wrong with either one. Good luck. Also if I can help in any way, post back.
Backie, I disagree with both men above. Your cj blows the b&k away. The B&K is thin sounding dark and cold very analytical.I used to own one about 8 years ago before I got into highend audio. You can try many amps but be careful because if you dont put anything brite on those speakers. Levinson is a great match for those. Very neutral and sweet sounding with liquid mids. Classe is also a good match on the warm side with good mids but some of the amps have a little trouble controling the bass. Brystons are good but they are not refined as the levinson gear. Jeff Rowland awesome across the board. BAT gear is another great product. Good luck and try to audition as many as possible.
Currently I'm using Proceed amps to drive my B&W N802 mains
HTM-1 and N803 surrounds with excellent results. I've often read that Krell also is a good match for B&W's.