Amp recommendations for Aerial 5B's?

I'm finally upgrading my system. Took the first [major] step when I got a good deal on some 5B's and now I'm looking for an amp that will help me get the best - or near the best - out of them without breaking my budget. I'd like to spend around $1,000. One suggestion I've received is the Rotel RA-1520.

I have a turntable and will be getting a new CD player. I also do listen to digitized music - some things I've ripped as AIFF's but also some MP3's I've purchased.

I don't tend to listen to music at wall-shaking volumes (although I have been known to "turn it up" from time to time).

Thanks in advance.
I helped a friend with a pair of 5's some years back - they really came alive with a Bryston 4B-ST.
The RA-1520 is a fine budget integrated, but you might get more bang for your buck going used.
i found the 5b's very similar to the 7b's with regards to needing lots of power to sound their best. 3-4 ohm load won't be the easiest to push hard but you'll be rewarded if you do. you'll need an amp with lots of legs to make these puppies shine imho.

i was using a krell s300i to drive my 7b's and they sounded ok. i didn't hear what they could really do until hooking up my levinson 432. huge improvement with a big bump in power.
I have 5B's in my HT system. They definitely need power. I suggest a SS amp that doubles down.