Amp recommendations

Looking for some advice. My 25 year old amp has given up the ghost and I haven’t kept up with what’s good out there. Instead of sinking money in my existing amp, I’m thinking of replacing it. The amp that went bad is a Cary Audio CAD 300B (none of the tubes are working, one of the rectifiers flashes when turned on, I checked the tube fuses). The preamp is a Cary Audio SLP-70 (I recently had it checked out and retubed it). The speakers are Chapman T-7. I also have a Creek CD-60 and Project 1.2 turntable. Music Meter inter connects. My budget is around $4000 for a new amp. Is this a reasonable budget? What amp recommendations do you have? I’d prefer to stay with vacuum tube but if there are solid state amps that you’d recommend, please do so. I can provide specs on the components if needed. Thanks for your advice.
For me what has stood out most over time is the realism/tone of all instruments and human voice. An asset for any music genre of course but ’really’ hits home for jazz in my case. This was a step upward from my el 34 and a 6550/KT 88 based amplifiers. It’s different for everyone as to what works best

. @bobbyheinatz I hear ya, it’s so individual in nature.
If you are hot for keeping those speakers then consider a Carver Crimson 275.  Great value amp and change the stock signal tubes with some NOS tubes of your choice and you have a great unit that has you way under budget.

I'm wondering if you took the amp to Pat H? If so, I'd be surprised if he didn't know how to properly assess and repair it. He fixed a Lamm amp for me a couple years ago, as well as working on three tube amps that I had him upgrade. If you didn't use his services, then you missed out on the best technician I've come across in 25 years. If you want his contact info, let me know.
I agree that contacting Dennis Had would be the best choice as a last attempt to breathe air into a long favored amp. I would also ask about the speaker load you have been placing on the amp. He might have some suggestions for you there as well.
As for amps, it seems you're fond of tube dynamics: tonality and soundstage. I would suggest listening to a vac phi 300.1, it's a phenomenal amp, but you'll need to find one used. I have seen them sell for $4500-5000 of late. A VAC phi 200 would likely work well too. These are extremely well built amps, designed by one of the best, Kevin Hayes.
Good luck in your journey.
I’m with almost everyone else. Get your amp fixed at least so you may sell it if you want to go a different direction.+4 on the Quicksilver, awesome gear handmade in the USA.
the primaluna hp power amp is, $-$, the best sounding amp I’ve ever heard. you can also fry a steak on it; runs hot. if you have the space for it check it out. about 4k but little more than half that second hand.