Amp recommendations...

Looking for recommendations to drive a pair of Vandersteen fours. I already own a Levinson 28 preamp. Need lots of bass and midrange. Budget is <3k. Been thinking about Classe ca300, Krell KSA, Levinson 333, Rowland Model 2, Pass Labs X250. Anything else?

Also, At what age do most older amps need to be recapped and cost?
At the last Stereophile show in Los Angeles at LAX several years ago the Ayre mono amps with the Vansdersteen 4's was one of the best sounds at that show. Very impressive sound.
Do you have the old Model 4's or the new Quattro (4's)? It sounds like you may have the old ones.
I have heard Audio Research used often with Vandies with great results.
Definitely be sure the older amps have been recapped. Any of those mentioned would work well for you. I can speak for Krell, as I have a 300 FPB, recently recapped at Krell. You can actually call the Krell factory and verify if a unit has been recapped or otherwise serviced.
Try a Job225. $1700 direct from