Amp recommendation please

Hi all,

Old time audio lover, have been out of touch for a while, have been reading here for a couple of months. My budget for second hand amp is about 2k, listening room is about 20x23ft.

I am re-building and am looking for an amp recommendation. I am looking for a high end power amp, smooth but one that can slam. I listen to everything from Miles to classical to modern hip hop to very hard rock.

I need the amp to be able to be quick enough for the hard stuff, and smooth and accurate enough for the easier listening.

I've used Brystons (old big logo) and liked their gusto. Are the new ones ST, SST, more refined? And how about McIntosh? Will say a 252 be able to hit hard? Again, I've heard older amps for smooth(er) music and liked them very much. Or what is in the middle of those two?

I do not have a good diverse audio shop in town that carries multiple brands of amps that I can a/b so any recommendations would be very welcome.

I have Thiel 1.5s and Canton's (older), and no pre-amp yet.

Thanks very much for any help offering.

SST is smoother in Bryston's line but they all pull no punches and you simply won't get smooth warm coloration from a Bryston.
CI Audio D200
Krell KSA 150. Just a thought, your room could handle bigger Thiels.
A used Rowland 5 if you're big enough to lift it. Very powerful and very musical. Very refined. Very versatile.
My Belles 150A hotrod is better than the Bryston 4BST it replaced in every way except power output. Try a Belles amp for a smooth and refined sound.
I've owned the Bryston 4BST and now own the Belles 350A Reference. I believe the Belles is more refined and smoother sounding. It has bass authority like the Bryston as well. I also own Thiel's (2.4's)and feel the Belles is a good match. I read that your budget is 2K, but for a couple of hundred more you should find one. I think it would be worth it. I believe one just sold here on Audiogon for 2K.
My buddy owns thiels and he has krell mono's. He said he's tried all kinds of amps over the years and nothing sounded like the krell. I would say krell or the mcintosh 252..

Thiels mate nicely with Audio Research tube amps. They tend to not be as rolled off and warm sounding as many other tube amps and might be the midpoint that you're looking for.
FWIW, IMHO Krells would be a poor choice. I owned that combo long ago, and I wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy. Cheers,
Thanks. A couple of questions...

How much more open would the field be were I to up the pony to between 2500 to 3000?

Krell -- I have never heard one. Why the love and hate with them? Are there particular models to avoid? For instance there is a local selling a KSA 100s and KRC-3 preamp for 3k. It seems reasonable but what should I know?
How are Krells compared to Brystons? Same neighborhood?

Macs -- How night and day are they from Krell?

I am going to look for Belles in my area to listen to, never heard.

Thanks very much for your opinions and please keep them coming, the list is getting smaller!