Amp recommendation need

Hi everyone,
I'm looking to upgrade my amp. I would prefer a solid state unit. I've heard mono blocks are the best way to go?? 
May max budget is $6000. I listen to classical and jazz with some pop, rock, blues. 

My system :
Ayre Acoustics CX-7eMP
Belles Aria preamp
Maker Audio G7 Amp
Tyler Dx2 speakers
PAD interconnects

Thanx so much for your advice
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There are so many great amps..... my only advice would be to audition in your system if possible.  Mono blocks are great but there are some fantastic stereo amps at your budget
Thanks hifiman5!
I have just set up my DNA-1 monoblocks and am letting them break in.
1st impressions show them to be very impressive. I tasked Steve and Pat to make me something to give my Atma MA-1's a run for the money. 
I think they did it.
True that there are great stereo amps out there, but if you can set up a pair of monoblocks, do it.
Short speaker cables are definitely in you best interest in getting the best sound. Also, running balanced cables from pre to amp also provides better sound ( as opposed to RCA), and you can run them longer without degradation.
Thanx for your input - how about a Pass Labs 250.8??
I would never turn my nose up to a Pass amp.
My ancient Adcom 555 still works like it did 30 years ago.
There seem to be a couple for sale here on Audiogon, too.