Amp recommendation -- McIntosh, Luxman, Yamaha

My system now is a Benchmark DAC3L and AHB2 with standalone phono stage for Technics SL-1200GR.

I want to simplify my system and I think a solid integrated will do that (reduce to almost one box)
Interested to possibly use 2 pairs of speakers and A/B them.
Interested to drive a separate power amp (probably tubes) with the same unit.

I'm looking at the Yamaha AS-2200 and Luxman L-507uXII which pretty much fit all the requirements:
Both allow 2 pairs of speakers. MM and MC carts. Preamp out with ability to toggle speakers off. Nice meters.
The McIntosh MA-5300 is another option, it throws in a DAC but lacks MC capability and dual speakers.
Has anyone heard these and compared?

I've got a range of speakers, some vintage JBL L36, JBL 4412 and Klipsch Quartets.
I'm in the process of building Troels Graveson Faital 3WC and Ekta MK2 which will likely be my long term speakers. None are too difficult to drive.

Only interested in additional recommendations if they have similar set of capabilites as above and are in similar range (~$6K and under).
Good point, I should clarify ...

The integrated will be used as-is most of the time. The system is in a dedicated "media" room for stereo listening and occasional movie watching. I don’t care too much for HT so movies will go through this same 2ch setup.

I enjoy DIY audio and have built a few tube amps, some 300B SET, EL84 push-pull, an EL34 push-pull is in progress.
I’d like to be able to easily integrate one of these power amps into the system for casual listening.

The nice thing about using the pre-outs of the integrated for this is that all of the sources (DAC, tuner, turntable) will already be connected and the remote control and various preamp functionalities (volume control, source switiching, balance) can be used.

Given that the integrated has a speaker off switch, I could easily go between solid state (Speaker switch on A, tube amp off), and Tube amp (Speaker switch to off, tube amp on)

Luxman is higher build quality and almost as good resale value as Mac. 
The sound signature is quite different. You won't go wrong with either brand.  Rotel and aforementioned electronics are not on the same level. I have Mac and plan on getting a Luxman 590
Placed an order for the L-507uX II at my local dealer ... should have it in a week or two. 
Great news. I hope the L-507UXII will live up to your expectation if not exceed it. I currently own the L-590AXII and have to say it’s the best integrated amp I have experienced in my system after 30 years in this hobby. The Luxman is truly quality. Some of the costly separates I have owned which include the current Naim NAC 282 and NAP 250DR which I still own do not quite match up to the finesse and refinement of the Luxman. The Luxman is that good.

You will know it’s quality once you receive the amp. It’s not only with the sound but build quality as well. The meters on the front, the knobs and switches, sorry I got carried away.


Luxman is the best sounding and best built.