amp recommendation for vmps RM-40

I recently purchased a pair of RM-40s to replace my old speakers which didn't need a lot of power, my amp Canary audio CA-100 is just not powerful enough to make these speakers sound their best the rest of my system consist of an EDGE G-2 preamp, Rega Apollo cd player all wired with Audio Magic.
McCormack amps would match nicely.
What about Ampzilla 2000
I have had RM40's since 2003 and have gone thru a number of amps, from 90lbs 100 watt class A, to 200 watt monos. I recently picked up a Wyred 4 Sound four channel ice amp and couldnt be happier. I run the Wyred in a passive bi-amp setup off a PS Audio PCA-2 with the HCPS power supply. The 40's like to be lite up and the Wyred 4 Sound does it. My Wyred has two 250wpc and two 125wpc modules. Of course this doubles with the 4 ohm 40s. I do run the Wyred in balanced mode which it seems to prefer. Hope this helps.