Amp recommendation for Vandersteen Treo CT

   I have a pair of Vandersteen Treo CT speakers and looking for amp that goes with it. My budget is around 3k. I used to power them with Luxman L-509X and it was really good. I really do not want to spend 9k for another AMP and wanted to try a less expensive one. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

+2, for Rogue Pharaoh.  Another excellent choice would be Naim Uniti Atom. Also Belles.
The Uniti Nova is more than twice the price. The Uniti Atom can play the CT's plenty loud enough. It's power limitations are only a problem if you want volume at live concert levels. I have listened to this combo. It is also closest to the OP's budget limits.
Nice speaker like the Treo CT deserves a nice amp as well.  The best combo with an integrated that I’ve heard so far is with the Aesthetix Mimas.  It’s a little over your budget but they do sound really nice together. The bass with the Mimas just sounds right.