Amp recommendation for Tyler Sig. Monitor

Can someone, who is a proud and satisfied ower of Tyler Sig. monitor, recommend SS amps that work for 20x13x8 room at low to moderate listening levels? My music preference is classical- piano, violin concertos, symphonies and lately guiter concertos.
I heard the Taylo Reference with a PS Audio amp (not sure which one) and it was amazing. Lacked low end, but I don't know if that was due to the amp or the Taylos' woofers.
I had Linnbrook Sig. Monitors paired with a Bryston 4b-sst in a similar sized room and was very pleased with the combonation. The Bryston brought out the base in the Linnbrooks nicely and is neutral enough in the mids & highs to let the attributes of the Tyler's in these areas really come through. Even though monitors the Linnbrooks just had too large of a footprint for my listening room after we moved so I had to replace; but I still consider this one of the best setups I have had from the standpoint of listening enjoyment. Many other SS amps I am sure that would also bring out the best in the Tylers; this combo just worked for me. You could do a search on Tyler on the main AudioGon page and then go to the bottom of the results and click on Virtual Systems to see what others may be using in their systems.
I have used both McIntosh and Levinson with the linbrooks, you realy do not need lots of power, but it sure doesn"t hurt.
I've used my Linbrooks with at least 4 different amps, and the most magical by far was the Rowland Concentra (or Model 2 Amp). Awesome.