amp recommendation for subwoofer

any amps for subwoofer that are designed for use in stereo?
I'm using a Hafler TransNova 9505, which provides a very fast and accurate bass with my transmission-line woofers(actively bi-amped). If you are looking for a lower-budget/high-slam factor: Look at the "Best amp for the cost of dirt" thread in here(same forum). A number of people are using the Behringer A500 full range. It should make a good subwoofer amp. Hard to beat for $200.00 to your door. (
For that, I'd consider a commercial amp. Get a 400 watt QSC or Crown for only a couple hundred.
Elevick- What do you think a Behringer is?
Perhaps you meant this Crown, with the same power for $100 more (, or this QSC, with the same power for $200 more? ( YEP- They are commercial amps too. Not for "only a couple hundred" though!
OOPS, My bad! That Crown is only 145WPC into 8 ohms, and the QSC GX5 is 500wpc into 8 ohms(I was thinking about the GX3- 300WPC @ 8 ohms for $299.00).
If you meen sub amps that have crossover and frequincy settings and phase switch, take a look at Gallo.
Rodman, chill out dude.
Maybe I'm a little optimistic with pricing. You can find lots of 200 wpc qsc amps for $350 to $400. Go fishing on ebay. If you look hard, you will find even better. Who said you need a 3200 watt powerlight for a sub?
Again, I repeat, CHILL OUT DUDE.
the gallo reference 3 SA amp sounds promising but i can't find a dealer nearby in so cal, so im asking if anyone in audiogon herd this amp and what are your impressions .