Amp recommendation for Sopra 2

I am in the process of ordering Focal Sopra 2. The primary use cases are

1. Play TV (currently LG smart tv) audio - digital out from TV is plugged into the "processor". TV has all streaming sources like Youtube, Sling, Netflix. A game console is connected through HDMI. In all cases, the "digital out" from TV captures the audio signal.

2. Stream music from Spotify, TIDAL. I have very little physical media. And it’s a goal to move to 100% streaming for convenience. I am retiring DVD player, CD player


a. Great sound quality
b. Convenience of fewer pieces of hardware, without seriously compromising sound quality
c. Modern looking equipment with digital displays. Less of "brick/wall" look. Not sure how feasible is this goal
d. Channels: Certainly 2. Not sure whether sub is needed with Sopra 2. Would like the flexibility of .1 or .2. In future, maybe add a center channel thereby making 3.1 or 3.2.
e. Ideally keep the spend under $3000

I have few questions

1. Should I get an AVR or separate processor/amp? Eg Marantz SR7011, Pioneer Elite SC-LX701

2. I have heard certain recommendations like Anthem XTR, Naim, SimAudio. Naim NAP 250 DR has 80 watts/channel. Is that adequate power at all to drive these speakers well? Even basic Denons have 100-125 watts/channel and cost much less.

3. A big sub like SVS PB 4000 has 500+ watts RMS. Clearly this is much more power than most amps can provide. Does it mean that even the great speakers like Sopra 2, benefit from a sub?

4. Please share your recommendations for equipment.


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Let’s say I go for a separate 2 channel amp. In that case I need a separate processor right?

the separate processor can be a receiver like Denon AVR 3600 with Audyssey room software, pre-outs. Is this a good one?

for amp - how is Classe Sigma AMP2, Monolith by Monoprice 5x200 Watts Per Channel?