Amp recommendation for RS6

Hello everybody,

I am searching currently for a new amplifier for my Monitor Audio RS6.
I have narrowed my options to the next amplifiers:
-Primare I21
-Creek EVO
-NAD C355
-Roksan Kandy mkIII
-Unison Unico
-Naim Nait 5i
but I also consider a tube amp (based on numerous suggestions that RS6 sounds best with tubes).

What do you think?
Any other options are welcome.
My source is NAD C542.
I very highly recommend the Naim Nait XS. I have been using this combo for about 6 months. Never heard my system sound better.
That is a very good speaker. I had the 8. One of the only speakers that I did not mind having a metal tweeter. I used a Creek 5350se and the combination was great. I have had a lot of int. amps and that one is my favorite. It is a great component to grow with because the amp and pre section is are connected by jumpers on the back. This lets you use the the 2 sections by themselves. Also, the pre is passive witch elevates the the sound quality a great deal. In my opinion it takes about 2500-3000$ to get a good active preamp. I also had the Nait 5i. The creek makes the 5i sound defective. As far as tubes go, I would not use them with these speakers. The speaker has great pacing and I think a solid state amp will bring that out better than tubes.
Thanks for the advices.
Again,it seems that the tastes are different in this world.
Both,Naim and Creek are known as bright,dynamic and detailed amps which seems to not complement well with RS6, an already bright and dynamic speaker.

Why would not use tubes for RS6?
I would not call Naim "bright". Dynamic, Yes. Very lively, you are there, kind of sound paired with the RS-6's. For comparision, I originally had the RS-6 paired with McIntosh amp. No excitement at all. Sounding kind of dull.
There seems to be quite a few folks using NAD C355BEE to drive the RS6. One of my friend who owns the NAD C355BEE is now looking at the RS6. Not too sure if this would be of any help. Yes, I do agree that the RS6 is quite a detailed and bright speakers with an upfront sound.
There seems to be quite a few folks using NAD C355BEE to drive the RS6. One of my friend who owns the NAD C355BEE is now looking at the RS6. Not too sure if this would be of any help. Yes, I do agree that the RS6 is quite a detailed and bright speaker with an upfront sound.
Sorry for the double posting.
I previously had NAD C325 BEE.
Average to good but far from my expectations.
Like someone pointed in another forum,RS6 tend to have a bloated (uncontrolled) bass when used with not enough powerful amps despite its relative high sensitivity.
I suspect that a good tube amp would mate very well with these speakers but I don`t like the idea of having a high level of dissipated heat and all the required burn-in time before audition.
Naim is very appreciated on all forums and I think that in the end will be my final choice.
Before you pick the naim, I think that you should try to demo it if you can. You mention that both amps are noted for being bright. You can argue that the naim may be bright and forward. I thought it sounded ok on naim speakers and a pair of BW lm1's on my computer. But when you put it on a better speaker like the one that have, it falls apart. I thought it did not have a clean sound. It is hard to explain, that's why I say listen to it first. The creek is just the opposite. It is more powerful and just as lively as the naim. The top end, though, is in a different league altogether. The reason that I went into the passive pre amp section in my first post was to stress this point. In my opinion, a good active line stage will cost a lot more than the type of components we are talking about here. I this case, the passive pre will work greatly in your advantage in that you are eliminating a large bottleneck in sound quality that an active line stage will create at this price point. The reason that I would not chose a tube amp in this setup is that your speakers, with a good british amp, will give you that propulsive sound that the british electronics are noted for. (although I am sure that tubes will be ok as will; just not my first choice. Hope that helps.
Thanks for the detailed explanation.
What interconnects would you recommend if I pair Naim to RS6?
Previously,with NAD C325,I used Supra EFF-ISL,Atlas Equator mkIII and Chord Crimson.
The best result was obtained with Supra cable which seemed more detailed and musical than the other ones.
You won't hear a big cable difference. Chord makes the naim cables. For the most part, I use Audioquest. They work well with just about anything as long as you stick with copper. At the time, I did an AB with the Jaguar and Cheetah using my Arcam 33 with the naim. I honestly could not hear any difference whatsoever between the two. I usually hear a big difference between them so I would not overspend. I can say, though, that I brought my CD player into my naim dealer to for a demo and I brought my AQ cables with me because I know them well, and the dealer was blown away by them. On the higher end naim gear, we did get some very good results. The dealer told me he was going to pick up the AQ line.
Tested RS6 with Naim Nait 5i and Audio Analogue Puccini SE.
Both amps acted very well but even the Naim was a little bit fatiguing in this combination,it brought much more openness,bass control,separation to RS6.
AA had a little bit more warmth ,the voices had much more body than Naim but the bass was somehow muddy and uncontrolled.Also lacked the dynamics needed to modern genres and rock.

I will also give another chance to NAD C355.If doesn`t work I will definitely go for Naim.
I used a CJ mf2250 with Silver 5i's...was an excellent combo.
These are very good speakers with tube amps.
Something like the Ming Da EL34A/B would be great.These are superb sounding tube amps and an absolute bargain.Also great build quality,very quiet and have none of the soggy bass or lack of drive you find in lesser tube amps.
I do not think any mid priced SS amp would come close.
i'd also opt for tubes with the rs6, which can sound very forward and bright--perhaps something like the vincent hybrid or jolida would tame 'em.
Would a tube amp have enough power for these speakers? Any other recommendations to warm up these speakers. I have them and cannot listen to them for very long.