Amp recommendation for Paradigm Studio 100 v3?

Currently using an older modified Adcom 535-II to drive new Paradigm Studio 100 v3. I find the sound to have a hard top end which is (almost) painful.

Wondering if a better power amp would fix this. Thinking of class-A type amp, but I read the Paradigms are not easy to drive. Would it be possible to use a Pass Aleph 3?


It's tough to fix your problem with an amp, look at other threads with Paradigm Studio speakers and harshness, it's in the tweeter. Find a speaker that uses a soft dome. Can they be returned or perhaps exchanged? I'd look into a pair of Dynaudio Focus 220 or if money is a concern the excellent Polk Rti 10. Polk's Rti series is one of the great values in audio, and would be much less expensive new then what you could get for selling your Studio 100's used. And they have a real wood veneer.
I thon Sim Audio or Classe could be good options. I have smaller Paradigm speakers in a second-system and they do need power to shine.

Perkadin: Agreed. I have a pair of old Paradigms (silk dome tweeters) which I modified over the years (new cross-overs, etc). These are very musical, albeit they don't image well. I'm just surprised that reviews of the Paradigms are for the most part spectacular...

Fernando: Will try some other amps. I agree that the Pass is probably not a good option.

BTW... This particular Adcom was designed by Pass himself. I contacted him many years ago and he explained to me how to increase the bias on them (you just increase it until the heat sinks reach 50C!). I also modified the PS on the amp, and it really does sound a lot sweeter than the stock amp (of which I have two more: center channel and surrounds).
I've been thru the exact same thing with the exact same speaker. Dakiom Feedback Stabilizers helped, but did not completely solve the problem. Intuitive Design Summits ended up replacing them. I've reviewed the Summits on Audiogon.
Mdhoover: thanks for your response.

My system should be a source of enjoyment to me, something that makes me listen to the music. As soon as I start needing to futz around and listen to how something sounds, that's the end of the enjoyment to me.

My $500 old modified Paradigms are still much more enjoyable -to me- than the $2K Studio 100's. It's clear to me now that I have to sell them to someone who will like them more than I do.

What to get instead, I don't know yet. If you have recommendations beyond the great ones posted here, I will appreciate it. Just FYI, money is not really a constraint (not a grad student anymore! :) ).

Thanks to all.


You may want to look at my Audiogon review of the Intuitive Design Summits. These speakers are utterly phenomenal beyond all possible belief. These sound better than I thought loudspeakers ever could. They're just unreal. Here's a link to my review:
Intuitive Design Summits