Amp recommendation for N801

I need an good SS amp for B&W Nautilus 801. Budget is around $3000-4000 used. I've been using Bryston 4BST and now I want to upgrade. Any recommendations?

I mainly listen to vocals, piano, and orchestral music.
A good match for the Nautilus is a used Krell.
My vote would be the Mcintosh MC 352 or MC602. If you can afford, go for the Mc602 because the Mc352 may not have enough juice for your N801.
Forget the krell, try a Bryston
He has a Bryston, nice warranty.
If you don't mine spending a little extra, puchase the Jeff Rowland 8tihc.

I second Mcintosh and add Musical Fidelity. The MF gear is more rhythmic and a bit more dynamic but the McIntosh makes up for what it lacks in detail by making music sound quite rich.