Amp recommendation for Magnepan 3.7's?

I have a pair of Magnepan 3.7's that I just acquired and currently power them with a Rega Elicit integrated. I am thinking about buying a used Wyred4sound ST-1000 and use the Elicit as a preamp. Before I pull the trigger on the Wyred4sound I am wondering are there any recommendations for producing the best sound from a pair of Magenpan 3.7's?
Sanders magtech.if you want what these speakers are capable of they must have current when required
There are a lot of really good amps for the Maggies. What is your budget? New or used?
I guess Bryston would be ok, since Magnepan uses those. Pass Labs should be ok too. I would definitely go out and audition any amp.
I have a wired 4 sound st 1000 driving mag 20.7's in a xlarge size room 27x 20 it's the best $2000. I ever spent it drives the 20's effortlessy at high volume levels what size room do you have ? I have learned that these speakers sound better as the volume increases go for the extra power it's more important than that last 20% or so in sonic quality imo
Second the Magtech....The speakers are just power sponges.....they really soak up all the wattage you pump into them!...Have the stereo amp, and seriously considering getting the monoblocks.
I bought Parasound JC-1s used a few years back for my 3.6s and couldn't be happier.
Yup. people think they have heard their Maggies, well at less than 500 watts a side @ 4 omhs, stable to 2, no you haven't .
I drive my Maggie 3.6's with a W4S ST1000.

Dynamic, detailed, and can play loud in 35 X 8 X 16 room.

Having said that, I think that it also sounds a little bit lean and not real live.

I am searching for a "warmer" amp that provides a little bit more texture to the music.

Dsper, Van Alstine Synergy 450 sounds like a good modern tube amp at 2 k.His biggest FET has 300 a side at 8 ohms, plus Maggies play better with Minnesota amps LOL .
I've had good success using autoformers with Maggies. It's actually not a tough speaker to drive if the low impedance is removed from the equation.

McIntosh SS amps are a great match because they already include autoformers.

Otherwise, you can get Paul Speltz autoformers and then use countless other amps with great results. On a budget, I'd recommend a used McCormack which would be better than 90% of your options in stock form (or you could always get it modded for SOTA performance).

Tube amps aren't quite as beneficial because you don't need voltage swings as much as current, but ARC amps sound great with Maggies if you prefer a tube sound.

I've heard the Magtechs and they sound fine too. However, I think a lot of the "hype" about them being ideal is over blown. Lots of tube and SS amps are more than capable of driving these speakers.
Hi Labtec,

Do you have any recommendations for a warm, resolving, and live sounding solid state amp for Maggie 3.6's that you have heard and liked?

Not to steal the OP's thread but that would be good information for 3.7's as well!

Dsper, in order to get the attributes you mentioned, it will require more than just an amp.

No matter what amp you use with a resolving speaker like Maggie's (and many others), you need to have a good source to deliver those attributes. Any source with a cheap opamp output stage will sabotage even the most optimal amp/speaker combo.

I haven't heard any Dacs under $2k that I think are worth pairing with a 3.7. I'm sure there are some out there, but the lowest I would go (and actually one of the best) is the NAD M51. Cost no object, I would go with the Wadia 321 or any ARC DAC model 3 or greater. They give the perfect combination of detail, warmth, and analog flavor.

Also, if you want a "warm" and more dynamic sound, I recommend using subwoofers with Maggies. Yes...I used plural because I never recommend just getting 1 sub and sticking it in the corner. You could buy 2 small REL subs for less than $2k total. I guarantee it will have 100 times greater impact on your system than wasting $2k on cables.

As for amp recommendations, you have countless options if you use autoformers like I mentioned in my previous post. McIntosh is a surprisingly good match because autoformers come with their SS amps and they are very reliable/powerful amps that can easily drive the Maggie's properly.

On a budget, I'm a big fan of the used McCormack amps. I usually get them modified to cost-no-object SOTA performance, but even in stock form, they will give you a liquid yet dynamic sound from the Maggies (assuming a good source). BTW, if you get the small used McCormacks, I think it is worthwhile to at least get the Plitron transformer upgrade from Steve McCormack if you're going to use them with Maggies.

Magtech's are fine, but they are a niche type amp and wouldn't be something I'd recommend in general.

If you're on a super tight budget, don't let all the Emotiva haters sway you from their products. I've tried several of their amps and they are definitely capable products for the money. I would stick to the bigger ones though with Maggie's.

Parasound is another tier in the budget range that produces quality amps that work well with Maggies.

If you ever want tube sound and cost-no-object, I would get ARC reference level amps.

That's about all I can recommend based on personal experience.
Hi all,

Not sure if there is a continued interest in this thread but I have a couple of more comments to make about my Maggie 3.6s.

I purchased a Maggie DWM woofer on Audiogon and it took the sound up a notch by making the sound fuller and a bit warmer. It also improved the treble - sounds cleaner. Well worth the money IMHO.

Also, I had a chance to audition a pair of old Classe CAM 200's. They were more warm sounding than the W4S ST1000 but not better - just different...and when you want to play it loud you need more than 400 watts into 4 ohms!
Dsper --

Feel free to PM me for more information. I've been auditioning new amps in
my home, and have some interesting results. I had another thread on this, but
haven't updated it lately. I've got Magnepan 3.7 and 2x Vandersteen 2wq

Started with a Spectron Musician III mk2 w/upgrades, stereo (~$5K)

Sander Magtech went down pretty quickly. Stereo (~$5.2K)

Merrill VERITAS monos is the current leader. Fantastic kit. ($12K)

Now listening to Bel Canto REF600M monos. Not bad, not bad. (??)

This week, Rowland Continuum S2 will likely go up against the Merrills and Bel
Cantos. Integrated. (~$9K)

Don't underestimate the resources needed to drive these speakers to their full

Rob, very interesting comments on a nice variety of amps! I've heard so many raves about the Sanders Magtech driving Maggies that I'm a bit surprised about your reaction, but have read that they have an analytical perspective. Am very interested in hearing more about the new REF600Ms as you get some time with them, not many out there yet. I run the Rowland 625 with my 3.7i speakers and find the combination superb along with a suitable quality preamp. I understand that the new 625 II is even more costly though. Good listening and please continue to share your thoughts with us, it is most appreciated!
Bill_k --

In looking at the specs for the Magtech, it would seem that they have tons of power for the Maggies. Indeed, that's what they were designed for, hence "Mag"tech.

Roger was quite adamant that there wouldn't be any break-in time on the amp, that with only an hour or two of warmup, they'd sound like the ever would. After a couple of days, I asked, "Are you sure?" He was quite sure. Well, I found the presentation rather flat and two-dimensional, lacking any real involvement at all. Power? Yes. Muscle? Yes. Engaging? No. It played the notes, but... Is that "analytical?" Methinks so.

Based on my own experience, I should've run them up about 300 hours to give them at least a fair shake, but Roger said.....

The Bel Cantos get better as the hours go by. As you might expect, they're young, likely less than 300 hours, so I'm going to give them about another 10 days while I A/B with the Veritas (wicked broken in), and the Rowland Continuum, who the dealer claims is broken in, but I don't know how many hours, exactly.

For what the Bel Cantos are doing, they're a remarkable bargain, with an adorably small footprint.
I should add that I probably learned more from Roger Sanders in a few emails than I have from a week of poring over posts and reviews. He has a wealth of knowledge at his fingertips, which aren't afraid of typing at all. He was quite helpful in sorting out any number of things.

He also offers a risk-free trial, so if anyone is considering these powerhouses, you can't go wrong at all. 30 days, shipping both ways, prompt and personalized attention.
Pass 250.8 wonderful sound,great dynamics,bass,airy highs and sweet midrange.
Rob, thanks for sharing your further perspective! I recall reading a review of the Magtech amps which came to the same conclusion as you, maybe you should be a reviewer. I haven't had the opportunity to hear the REF600M amps yet, so I find your experience with them of particular interest. BC replaced both their 500M and 1000M models with the 600M even though the 1000M amps were more expensive.
I don't know what your budget is, but if you can stretch to around $2600-$3200US you could look for a 2nd hand Hegel H20 or Classe CA-2200, both of which have plenty of power and control to drive your Maggies. Another option would be to look at an integrated solution like a 2nd hand Hegel H300 which would allow you to sell your Rega & get a nice upgrade, whilst avoiding potential issues with impedance matching and synergy between different brand gear.