Amp recommendation for KEF LS50

I’ve had the LS50’s for a while now and have been saving up for a new integrated to power them. Currently using Rotel ra-12 which sounds good but I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations in an amp that pairs well with the KEF’s. I have a budget around $2k and can stretch to $2,500 if need be. Not many dealers in my area so any help would be greatly appreciated! Also, room is roughly 12x15.  I have added room treatment to help as well.  
Yamaha AS501 (2x85 watt) or AS701 (2x100 watt)? See here for reviews of the previous models, the AS 500 and the AS 700:
The added benefit of the new models is that they have digital inputs as well. The executive summary is that these are perfect amplifiers that behave impeccably, even under difficult loads. They will not add to or substract from the sound. Harbeth will use an AS701 at the upcoming Bristol audio show, to demonstrate their P3ESR. The argument is that you do not need expensive electronics for excellent sound.
I paired LS50s with a Creek Evolution 100a for my bedroom system and love how they sound together. Standard it comes with analog inputs only, but Creek has tuner, DAC/Tuner, & phono modules available that can easily be added to keep everything a 1 box solution if you need those functions. If you already have separate ones you like you or won’t need them, you aren’t paying for something superfluous. I talked to another audiogon member who has one and he noted it was better than his Peachtree Nova 300 with the Kefs. 
If you are interested in maximizing performance you may want to consider selling your ls50s and getting into a pair of ls50 wireless. Darko did a test and had to go way up market when pairing electronics with the passive ls50 to get them to outperform the active. 
I second robr45. Having owned both the wireless is vastly superior in every regard.
PeachTree Nova 150 is great with the LS50's. Better than my old combo of Benchmark DAC2 with Parasound A23 amp. I think the Parasound was the weakest link. The Benchmark DAC is better than the DAC in the Nova 150. Overall the Peachtree package is perfect with the LS50's. I actually made money by selling my old gear and buying a used Nova 150.
Darko has a review on PeachTree with the LS50.