amp recommendation for Dynaudio Sapphire

currently I'm using ML 333s to drive them and have the opportunity to purchase a pair of 33h. would the sound be considerably better?
other recommendations are welcomed.
The 33H is an excellent amp however the overall sound will be similar in tonal character. If you like what you, you will like the 33H more. If you long for a change then you won't get it.
I'm quite happy with the sound I have now but wanted to try something better. I'll see if I can trade up the 333 for the 33h and in the future try to find something else as well while keeping the 33h.

I'm curious to try Rowlands and tube amps. I currently also have the opportunity to pick up a cary 211 AE (cheaper than the levinsons) but I don't want to go crazy buying both at the same time.
Pass X250.5 or 350.5 but this is coming from a person who never like Levinson or Cary
thanks for the suggestion. Pass is interesting as well. I've never auditioned them for long periods, just heard them briefly.

I've just put in an order for the 33 (might as well go for the big guy!) but will try to listen to the Pass in case I want to switch. I'm quite open and to me it all depends on the music (+ my ear).