Amp recommendation for Dunlavy SC V

I'm a proud new owner of a pair of Dunlavy SC V. I'm looking for recommendations on a good matching amplifier in the $3-4k range on the used market. Looking forward to your suggestions.
VTL 450 signature the version with infini caps would be a stellar choice at your $ budget. Has plenty of power and control even in triode mode on your Dunlavy's.
Check the archives, there have been a number of threads in the pastfew years on this, with a number of SC V owners chiming in. I seem to recall the Aloia amps being favored by a number of users. My favorites that my dealer used to use were the VTLs mentioned above, the VAC 140 Renaissance monoblocks and the BAT VK60 monoblocks. I always liked the sound of tubes with Dunlavys, even if it meant losing the bass control you'd get from solid state.
the Dunlavy woofers/cabinet enclosures are highly dampened and thus are very easily controlled by tubes or any amplifier.
I use the aforementioned VTL 450 Signature amps. Its a match made in Heaven. Especially after replacing the stock 12AT7 tubes with NOS Mullard M8162 tubes and the stock 6350 tubes with NOS Sylvania black plates. Magical!!!
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For great control and full range depth, to stay in your price range, I have to recommend the Pass Labs X250. I had tried many amps, tube and solid state, and the Pass gear fit the bill the best for me. The most pleasing tube amps I had heard with my SC-5s were the Audio Research amps. Enough so that I bought the ARC, and them traded it in to buy the Pass instead. I have no regrets of having the Pass gear, even now (especially now) when I hear other amps. Best Regards.
I know BAT uses Dunlavys to test with...
had bat vk-120 mono blocks into Dunlavy V ate fuses every 5 minutes in the bats not a good match at all. oh the VTL 450 mentioned above does absolutely trounce the bat 120's
I'll second the pass labs. I use an x-350 with my 4a's. It made all the difference im my system.
Classe CAM-350's are a match made in audio heaven, along with tube pre....!!!
I use a Pass X350 with my IVA's and it sounds great.
Dunlavy is efficient the best choice in my opinion will be
XA-100 then Aleph-2 and followed b y X-series.
another chime in for the VTLs. The arc gear (vt 100) is nice, less power, no tetrode/triode option and a little less air on top. The Pass aleph 2 is also nice but i just like the tubes better. tried all three and went with VTL (185's not 450's though i'm tempted to upgrade to 450's)