Amp recommendation for ARC and Thiel

I've been in upgrade mode lately. I've added ARC CD3 MkII, ARC Ref2 MkII and Thiel 2.4s with Thiel MCS1 center for HT. Current amp and processor are Audio Refinement Pre-5 and Multi-5.

For an amp, I've been strongly leaning toward Dreadnaught I or II. Lately, though, I've been reading about so-called "digital" amps. I know ARC has one (150M series), and I've been reading great things about Nuforce and H2O.

Any comparative reviews of digital (or ICE) amps out there? Based on what I've read around here, it seems that the H2O is more stable in terms of update frequency than the Nuforce, but both amps have serious followings.

What do you think? Traditional SS design (Theta) or one of the newer digital models? I know home trials are available with the digitals. Thanks.