Amp recommendation for Anthony Gallo Reference 3.1

How much power do I really need to power the 3.1s? I'm considering a Rotel RA-1062, but wonder if the 60wpc is sufficient. Thoughts? I'm trying find an integrated amp for <$1000 used.

I mainly listen to various electronic music, ranging from downtempo/ambient to progressive house.

Thank you!
I think the more watts and current the merrier with those.

I'd go straight for a good Class D amp like Wyred 4 Sound or Bel Canto for those and most likely never look back.
i believe anthony gallo uses spectron amps...
"i believe anthony gallo uses spectron amps..."

There you go.

I really think the gallo refs and Class D could be a marriage made in heaven from what I have heard!
Gallo always presents his speakers at CES, RMAF etc with Spectron. I know many Ref.3.1 owners who use Spectron as their amplifier