Amp recommendation 4 MBQuart Vera VS05 bookshelves

I am a cheapie audiophile. I snagged a closeout pair of the MB Quart Vera bookshelf speakers for a little over $500. These are the best speakers I have owned (~$2500 new in 2001) and have been using them nearfield with an Indeed 2020 tripath amp and stoner PCM5102 DAC. This simple (and cheap!) combo is very nice sounding and very satisfying but every once in awhile (after a few drinks) I want to crank the speakers but the Indeed T-amp limits the fun.

The speakers are rated at 6ohm and ~87db...the Indeed put out about 8 clean watts.

I have tried a parasound z-amp and also the well reviewed Yamaha RX-z9 with these speakers, but neither matched the rich and detailed sound of the Indeed.

In keeping with my cheapie audiophile character, I'm looking for a nice amp no more than $600-used, that may sound as good as the Tripath 2020 chip but give these speakers the power they deserve. I'm thinking perhaps an amp circa 2001-2005 that was about the same price as the Veras but can currently had at my price range?

Lately, I've become interested reading about Van Alstine, but hopefully there are some other good options out there?!


P.S. - Perhaps I keep the low powered amp and look into higher efficiency speakers? I've had my eye on some triangle titus 202's, Tetra 120u's, or even the Ref 3a de capos...but some have said these types of speakers are better for acoustic/vocal type music and don't really rock well.
the de capos work well on all types of music although large classical orchestra not so well as most stand mounts tend lack in that area
Maybe give this Dayton Tripath amp a try, it's only $99 and kicks out 40 watts/ch. - should be enough to get those Quarts boogeying:

Perhaps the new job 225 amp would be a good match?!
Parasound A23 in the classifieds here for $400 shipped if you don't mind cosmetics. That's a $1000 amp new. 125wpc x 2 @ 8ohms, 200wpc x 2 @ 4ohms....It'll drive those buggers.
Wow, $400 for an A23?! I need to find that! Cosmetics don't matter to me.

I've also seen some interest in a Crown XLS2500 class d amp...has there been any talk about this guy on audiogon?
The A23 sold within about an hour....sorry....would have been a nice find.