amp recommendation

could somebody recommend a great small amp to drive the gallo micros.
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The micros are fairly efficient but a little bright. With that in mind, I would lean towards something like Creek or Rotel. 30-50 watts will be plenty.
I hope you are using a sub with built in crossover so you don't damage the gallos.
I am using a Jolida 302b - sweet. The tubes take care of any brightness.

Also using the Gallo powered sub.
The Music Reference RM10 is an amazing 35 wpc EL34 based amp that can be had for very little when they come on sale at Audiogon. While they share some of the EL34 midrange voluptuousness of other designs, they do not have the saggy bass. In fact, this amp provides among the best lower two octaves of any similarly powered amp that I've heard, regardless of design. Tube life is extraordinarily long as well. One of the great ones.