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Hi Folks,

I have been out of the audiophile world for a bit, and am trying to catch back up. Can I get a few power amp recommendations for the following system? I have a Vpi turntable, thiel cs2.4 speakers, and am leaning towards a lyngdorf dpa-1 pre-amp (I have heard the mcintosh version of the room perfect thing and am very interested). I want a solid state amp (destructive toddler), and the thiels call for reasonably high power. I am looking to spend around 3k used, give or take. I have thought about used bel canto 500m's due to good reviews, mcintosh mc252's as other mc stuff has sound good to me in other systems...really not sure. All ideas appreciated. Thank you.
Hegel H200.
For $2500 you can get a pair of Gilmore Raptor monoblocks. 250w/8ohms, 500w/4ohms. These are switching amps and sound very much like a great tube amp. Love mine
If you have a TT, I don't think it would make sense to get a digital preamp. The whole point of analog is to get away from digital. I know you want the room correction, but if you take the time to match and setup your components properly, you shouldn't need it.
Perhaps a Lyndgorf or TacT amplifier (might be risky for follow up service)and allow the the dpa-1 to avoid having to revert to analog. Room correction might be a great move.
You should check out Odyssey Audio on their website. Speak with Klaus- he hand assembles each amp, and the Khartago amp can be had for as little as $800. up to $1700. with tweaks Klaus puts in. The amp can be converted to mono also. I have an Khartago Extreme, and it is very good, especially for the money. 20 year (transferrable once) warranty, and built like a tank. 30 money back guarantee , so all you have to lose is time. An Absolute Sound recommendation.
The Pass XA-30.5 is an over achiever by even a conservative standard. Rated at 30 watts class A, it will put out over 200 watts into 8 ohms and 400 watts into 4 ohms.
But I recommend it because it sounds GREAT, will be reliable for years, looks nice and is reasonable on the used market for ~$3,250.
We have a pretty high end system (Meridian 800 front end, MIT Oracle cables, Wilson speakers) and the XA-30.5's performance was impressive.
Good luck & best regards, TJF.
you could look at the Lyngdorf TDAi-2200 integrated ... look for one with Room Perfect and analog input module installed. You would not need the DPA-1 with the TDAi unit. The TDAi unit is right around the $3k price point used
+1 Lyngdorf TDAi-2200 integrated

my favorite integrated of many i've tried in the same price range.