Amp recomendations for WATT/puppy v6.

Hi i recently placed a deposit on some Wilson Audio WATT/puppy v6's. The seller has been using Nuforce REf9 v2SE power amps and i think its a matching P9 pre. Does anyone have experience with this combination? If you had the Wilsons what set up would you use?
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What's your (new/used?) budget range?
Well the Nuforce package is approx $8000.00 Australian so somewhere in that range.
. . . . . and so you want to consider only digital amplifiers?
Im open for suggestions! My current system is hafler DH-220 & matching pre-amp and yamaha NS-1000 speakers so im sure you can appreciate my inexperiance in audiophilia!
Hi I owned WP 6's for about 5 years. Now have WP 8's.

I guess you have to decide first if you want tubes or solid state or maybe tube pre and solid state amp. Your Wilsons are VERY revealing of anything. I am assuming you set them up perfectly according to the manual? If not, I'd pay a Wilson deal to set them up. It makes a big difference.

Do you want to by new or used? I had recent issue with one of my amps, barrowed a BAT VK300x integrated amp. It was killer. Tube pre, solid state amp.

Lots of combo's from ARC, BAT, VTL, Ayre. They all sound a little different. Certainly the NuForce you've heard is a consideration. This is hard to decide, it's best to listen some, but I know we can't always to that.

Also, do a search here on Watt Puppies. Several have asked before.
I would use conrad johnson to try and get some musicality out of those speakers. I heard them through Mark Levinson electronis as well as rouge and krell and on all occasions they were dry and sterile to my ears.
Well, John and CZ pretty much said what I was going to say after I found out where you were at!!

I'd stay away from most SS amps for the reasons CZ said, unless you can find a used Class A SS unit like a Levinson 20., 20.5, or 20.6 ($5k used +/-), Parasound, etc., but most other qualifiers, new or used will be over your budget COMPARED TO the sound you'd enjoy from an excellent tube amp (even at new prices) like a Conrad Johnson, McIntosh, BAT, and VTL. Audio Research (specific models) are OK too, but overall tend to be a bit lean/dry with Wilsons. If you like lean and ultra-sharp focus sound, the Wilsons deliver it, but you may as well get an SS amp (you didn't say what you're listening to now which would have been nice to know.)

In any case, you should A-B a couple of good tube, and a couple of good SS amps just to hear the basic difference, and then really get into finding the brand whose sound you like best. No further recommendations from these forums will be better than your own first-hand experience. And in most cases, all it's cost you is some time.

The Wilsons are great speakers though. And if I were a newbie, I'd get something of quality, but used, and cheap for right now (like a Bryston or Parasound or Roger Sanders new SS amp ( -- made by hand by him and sold direct for now) and then wait 'til next fall and go to the Rocky Mountain Music Fest in Denver. And listen to a whole lot of stuff there -- at this point in your experience, that's the best way to build knowledge and confidence.